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Home » Wilder beats Joshua, but Tyson beats them both easy – says Fury’s brother

Wilder beats Joshua, but Tyson beats them both easy – says Fury’s brother

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Tommy Fury says there’s no way Deontay Wilder or Anthony Joshua can deal with his older brother Tyson’s skillset.

The youngest of the fighting Fury’s is currently preparing for his pro debut on December 22. Fury, 19, took time out to give his thoughts on Saturday’s mammoth clash.

“Wilder has got a right hand, a left hook and he’s got a bit of pace. You can’t beat a man with everything in the book with just that,” said Tommy.

“You need more than power. Look at Wilder, he doesn’t feint, he doesn’t prize you open, he just comes, lands a big right hand and it’s over.

“If you have got a person slipping and sliding, left and right all over the place and you are loading up and can’t land – you are going to get tired in the late rounds.

“That is what I have said, Tyson will stop him late on, between 10 and 12 rounds.

“I do think he will break his heart and Wilder is thinking if he is going to do it has got to be now because he has had two comeback fights against low level opposition. He will think this is his time.

“When he comes out and sees Tyson just as good as he was in 2015 he will know he is wrong. When he can’t land those punches he is not going to do very much. He will have nothing left.

“Tyson has ballooned up before and come down. It is not even about fitness for him because I have seen him in the gym at 30 stone doing 15 rounds. I wondered how it was possible.”


On the current competition in the heavyweight division, Tommy added: “I honestly believe if he is 25-30 per cent of what he was in 2015 he will wipe the floor with him because he has got too much skill for anybody out there.

“Anthony Joshua too, he is stiff and doesn’t really move his head and you see the punches coming from a basic boxing style.

“That is why I think Wilder is a harder fight because he would beat Joshua in my opinion because he is unpredictable. With Joshua you know what he is going to do, he is going to start fast, then he tends to fade in the later rounds and then comes on strong again.

“Wilder swings a lot and is fast, plus he hits harder, so he is an all-round riskier fight.

“But if anyone can deal with that it is going to be Tyson,” he stated.