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EXCLUSIVE: Mandatory John Ryder talks waiting on Canelo, Smith-GGG

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With Anfield on any Scouse world champion’s radar, the fight that could take the stage is Callum Smith v Gennady Golovkin for the WBA super middleweight title.

At the current stage, rumours are floating around regarding Smith v Golovkin taking place at the famous Liverpool FC Stadium.

And after winning a final eliminator for a shot at the strap, John ‘The Gorilla’ Ryder pitched in to have his say.

“At the moment I think they’re just rumours but you never know something could come of it,” Ryder exclusively told World Boxing News.

“It’s a good fight for both. You’ve got to give Callum credit for taking that as his first fight and it’s a good fight for Gennady Golovkin.

“He obviously wants to chase the rematch with Canelo and he’s foreseeing that Canelo is going to beat Fielding and that will settle a big fight between the two.”

When asked about his situation in regards to being first in line for the WBA title, he replied: “Yeah I am but he’s got a voluntary first,” explained Ryder.

“I’ve been told that I am in line after that. You know how it is with big fights being made there’s always something that can get in the way.”


Ryder is facing up the prospect of waiting for as long as a year to eventually fight for a WBA title.

“I’m unsure at the moment because of the timeframe. We’ll see because the big thing is I’m waiting for is Canelo and Rocky to fight and the outcome of that.

“We’ll see what Canelo does after that fight, whether he keeps the title or he goes back down to middleweight.

“I know Canelo has shown desire to go back down to middleweight so he might vacate that belt. I’ll fight for a vacant regular title so we’ll just wait and see what the options are really.”

What would seem likely to most is if the fight between GGG and Smith goes ahead, Ryder will fight on the undercard and be in line to face the winner.

“Yeah of course, I want to be involved in big fights now. I’m lucky that some of the biggest names in world boxing are now in the division I’m in.

“That’s what I’m in boxing for, it’s the big fights, the massive names like Golovkin or Canelo. Albeit they’ve got to get through the likes of Callum Smith and Rocky Fielding first who are taking on these massive names.”

Concluding on that note, Ryder seemed confident in chasing the biggest fight available to him. It all unfolds starting on the 15th December at Madison Square Garden.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller