MTK reveal plans to share Irish boxing news as Gaeilge

RINGSIDE 28/11/2018

Irish boxers have played an incremental role in MTK Global who currently boasts 32 Irish boxers on their roster of athletes, many of whom are proud to share cúpla focal as gaeilge whenever they get the chance.

MTK Global athletes have never been shy boasting of their Irish roots and flying the flag on an international stage – Michael Conlan has become an iconic part of St Patrick’s Day celebrations having his professional debut in Madison Square Garden on March 17th 2016 and fighting there two more times before announcing yet another hotly anticipated return to the Garden next March.

Even those who may not have been raised in Ireland, regularly credit their natural fighting instincts to their Irish heritage like Tyson Fury who hopes his Irish blood will lead to a victory over Deontay Wilder in LA this weekend.

MTK Global recently began sharing news articles in the native languages of the athletes being discussed in the pieces and have made the decision to now begin sharing all articles relating to Irish fighters as Gaeilge and will be starting a new weekly video feature with Gaeilgoir Sean McComb giving a roundup of the weekend’s news and a look at the weekend ahead as Gaeilge which will also have English subtitles so as viewers can start to learn the Irish language in a fun and exciting way.

“I’ve always been proud of my Irish roots and feel privileged to be a Gaeilgoir. It’s important that we embrace and promote our Irish heritage and encourage the youth of today to do the same.

“In order to achieve this, we need to incorporate our ancestral language into every day life because it’s as much of our heritage as boxing is” said fluent Irish speaker and MTK Global Super Lightweight Sean McComb.

MTK Global CEO Sandra Vaughan added “I’m delighted with this move. MTK Global is becoming more and more international as we continue to grow by the day and with that, it’s important that we honour and respect the heritage and traditions of each country our athletes hail from.

I too have Irish family that I’m proud of so I’m looking forward to this move. It’s a real sign of our commitment to global expansion whilst remaining true to our roots and listening to our audiences.”