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Home » Wise Guy bows out: Frank Buglioni retires at just 29

Wise Guy bows out: Frank Buglioni retires at just 29

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Former British light-heavyweight champion Frank Buglioni has decided to hang up his gloves following a recent loss.

The 29 year-old was halted on a bad cut against Fanlong Meng when on his way to a fourth career defeat in Monte Carlo.

Buglioni was hoping to land a shot at the world title in 2019 but found himself with a big call to make regarding continuing in the pro ranks.

The Enfield man took a few days to reflect before coming to only one conclusion.

“After thoughtful deliberation, I have decided to hang up the gloves,” he confirmed in a heartfelt social media post.

“I am proud of all my achievements in boxing. I will be forever grateful for the life lessons and positive effects it has given me.

“I’ve loved the journey and it has certainly made me the man I am today.

“I will now focus on a different side of life, I will put my health, my girlfriend and my family first.

“Thank you to my dad and brother who stood by me throughout. And all my magnificent supporters who have taken this journey with me.

“Don Charles, you made me fall back in love with the sport. I enjoyed every training session with you!

“Eddie Hearn, yourself and Matchroom have been a pleasure to work with (later adding he delivered on every promise).

“Steve Goodwin, thank you for your honesty and care throughout. My heart remains in the squared circle.” – The Wise Guy.


Coming close to winning the Lonsdale Belt outright, Buglioni reigned in the best possible way.

Every opponent faced for the UK strap had an undefeated record, something which should be admired and Buglioni can take full pride in.

Hosea Burton, Ricky Summers and Craig Richards all lost their ‘0’ to Buglioni, who never shirked a challenge his entire career.

WBN would like to take this time to wish Frank and his family all the best for the future.