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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Brook foe Jennings discusses precarious Khan situation

EXCLUSIVE: Ex-Brook foe Jennings discusses precarious Khan situation

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Former foe Michael Jennings has backed Kell Brook to do the business on Amir Khan but stated the fight needs to happen now.

Brook returns to the ring, this time fighting against Michael Zerafa, pushing back the long awaited fight with Amir Khan.

In a plethora of delays, fears that talks and further time passing could be the decline of the super fight are increasing.

Jennings made his view clear on the fight in a recent interview with WBN.

“Me personally, I think it’s still a shame that fight hasn’t been made,” the ex-world title challenger exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I mean what fight is Amir Khan going to have that is going to attract that sort of attention and money?

“If he beats Kell Brook, his legacy is there then, I know that he’s worried about that if he gets beat up by Kell Brook then that’s it he’s finished, basically that’s how he’ll be looking at it.”

Putting themselves in position to claim a huge UK spotlight, big money purses and a chance at a world title for the victor. Khan and Brook have every reason to sign on.

“If I was Khan I would give my right arm to be in his position. I would press that gamble button every day of the week because if he beats Kell Brook he’s massive,” pointed out Jennings.

“For me, I just think the fight should definitely happen. I think Kell Brook would probably win, But who’s Amir Khan going to fight if he doesn’t fight Kell Brook on the biggest stage, I don’t think there’s many other options for him.”

With Manny Pacquiao now facing Adrien Broner, the Bolton former 140lbs champion is running out of opponents for mega fights.

For a big payday, Khan will have to take the plunge in this domestic clash, one that British boxing fans have waited a long time to see.

When asked by WBN about the fight itself, Jennings gave his opinion.

“I just think that for 36 minutes of boxing that Kell Brook will catch Amir Khan at some point. There’s no disrespect because I do rate Amir Khan.

“It’s such a shame to look at it like that because he just hasn’t got the best chin has he? Without sounding disrespectful, I just don’t think he’s got the chin for it.

“Well, he hasn’t because it’s been proven time and again in his last fight. I think Kell Brook punches a lot harder than his last opponent did.

“I think Kell Brook would probably catch him and finish him.”


The time spent debating over the fight has gone on for too long for some and the fight has started to lose interest for some boxing fans.

Touching on this, Jennings expressed his fan feelings about the fight.

“They’ve been talking about it for so long you just don’t know. If they’re going to make that fight, that fight needs to be made quickly and sooner rather than later.

“No one is going to be interested in an old Amir Khan fighting an old Kell Brook, they want it now and I do too.

“If Amir Khan goes out next time and gets beat the fight with Brook is over. That’s not the fight you want to see. You want to see both now.

“Let them have a go and that’s what the public wants to see.

“It’ll attract a lot of attention, they’ll get a lot of money from it and the winner goes on to fight for another title and obviously more money.

“The fight has got to be made and it’s got to be made soon. I think they need to make that fight sooner rather than later.

“When you first hear of a fight between two people you get a little excited about it. Now it’s like you’re excited about it but its nothing new and you’re expecting it to happen.

“At first when it’s put on you’re like ‘wow that’s a good fight’, everyone will be talking about it. I just don’t think it will be on the high scales that it would have been,” he concluded.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller