8-0 until a young Anthony Joshua ended his career in one round

Anthony Joshua Heavyweight

Lawrence Lustig

Unified king and UK brute Anthony Joshua is currently recognized as the number one heavyweight on the planet.

The undefeated champion of the world holds an awesome 22-0 record with 21 stoppages.

Joshua has left a path of destruction in his wake.

Back in 2013 when ‘AJ’ made his pro debut on the back of Olympic Gold at London 2012, Italian fodder Emanuel Leo must have realized quickly what he’d let himself in for.

Coming into the contest on the back of eight pro victories, Leo was handpicked for Joshua’s first foray into the paid ranks.

With experience in the World Series of Boxing and a top division C.V of mostly cruiserweight victories, Leo was drafted in for Joshua to dip his toes into the Matchroom Boxing water.

A couple of solid jabs in the opening few seconds followed by a clubbing left and Leo was already on unsteady legs.

‘The Colossus of Cupertino’ backed up almost immediately. The writing was well and truly on the wall.

Two pummelling right hands softened Leo up as the 32 year-old found it difficult to get beyond Joshua’s long reach.

An O2 Arena crowd baying for blood could sense the danger Leo was in as gasps rung out every time Joshua landed flush.


Another right connected as the first minute ticked by. The blow saw Leo wobble before Joshua began toying with the 6ft 3ins fighter whilst entering his rhythm.

Joshua was measuring Leo at every turn into the second minute, simply waiting for the right moment to detonate his considerable armoury.

Mid-way through the session and yet another right hit the mark. By now, Leo was clearly feeling the gulf in class.

Taking a massive amount of punishment as Joshua teed off, referee Ian John-Lewis took a closer look at Leo into the third minute.

A huge right following by a mammoth left shook Leo all over the ring. At one point, Joshua held Leo and hit him a few times before unleashing the final flurry.

Again, it was the right hand that did the damage. Leo was sent sprawled to the ropes and Joshua had all the leverage he needed to fire in one more shot to completely obliterate his opponent.

The end was sickening and just a small indication of what Joshua had to come in his locker.

Taking a beating, Joshua’s end blow would be the final action of Emanuele Leo in a boxing ring. He would never again grace the squared circle.

But Leo isn’t the only fighter to leave boxing behind after facing Joshua.

Back in 2014, Matt’s Skelton and Legg both decided enough was enough when halted by Joshua two months apart.

And then there was a certain Wladimir Klitschko.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay