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Home » Boxing rallies, offer help allowing fighter to REMOVE IBF BELT from eBay

Boxing rallies, offer help allowing fighter to REMOVE IBF BELT from eBay

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Scottish boxer Ronnie ‘The Shark’ Clark has been inundated with offers of help after attempting to sell his prized possession on eBay.

Following the withdrawal of his latest opponent last weekend, Clark faced up to a squeeze over Christmas and wanted to cash in on the first International honour of his pro career.

Clark won the IBF European Super-Featherweight title when upsetting Zelfa Barrett in February. The 33 year-old has since been disappointed as no fewer than three fights collapsed.

Deciding to auction his strap on eBay, Clark offered to sign the belt and make personal delivery depending on the preference of the successful bidder.

He wanted to use the money to give his son everything he wished for on December 25th.

“I am selling my official IBF European Super Featherweight Belt that I won in February,” said Clark.

“I have with it an option of it to be signed or not its totally up to the buyer. It’s on an auction with no reserve due to my next fight not happening as my opponent has pulled out injured so I have no money to buy my son Christmas (presents).

“These official belts go for a good bit of money so good luck with all and grab yourself a bargain.

“Respect – Ronnie “The Shark” Clark.”

He added: “I may deliver the belt personally to make sure it will get to the winning bidder safely.”


Following the cancellation of a scheduled fight in Aberdeen over the weekend, Clark took to social media to reveal his sadness.

“I am absolutely gutted. I have been on a rollercoaster ride these past few days,” he wrote.

“Again, my fight is off tomorrow and am honestly so sorry. It’s a very difficult sport at times, I sometimes actually can’t believe it’s real.

“I am staying positive though and I will embrace things and get back into the gym on Monday. Keeping myself ticking over that fight won’t be too far away.

“I love you all and appreciate the support and messages. (Also) just in general being there on the Team Clark Journey.”

Since then, Clark has received a massive amount of support from the boxing community.

Offers of help from the likes of Robbie Davies Jr. and Tommy Coyle have meant the world to Clark, who has since taken the strap off the selling site.

“What a day! Massively overwhelmed with the messages and responses I have received over the past 24 hours,” said Clark.

“Reading all this makes me realise what actually matters and how important this belt is to my family.

“I have had so many messages I am unable to get back to you but over time I’ll do my best to respond to each of them,” he added.