From super-lightweight to heavyweight: 0-40, and knocked out 36 TIMES

As records go, some fighters are questioned, prodded and suspended once a KO has been added to their record.

During an eleven-year boxing career, this kind of sanction would have been commonplace for Alexis Castillo Sanchez.

The Dominican embarked on spell trading blows with a first-round knockout loss in the mid-2000s. And things haven’t really gotten any better since.

Fast forward to last September and Castillo Sanchez was defeated for the 40th time in a row, going down to a 36th early night.

Beginning his career at welterweight, Castillo Sanchez fought as low as super-lightweight in 2008. But made an astonishing jump from 148 pounds to 198 between September 2013 and January 2014.

Fluctuating in weight whenever a payday arrived, Castillo Sanchez has remained above the middleweight limit, facing the likes of Marcus Upshaw, Carlos Negron and Francisco Silvens.

So how is Castillo Sanchez allowed to continue such a career? – That part is hard to fathom for the man who is 42 years old and currently ranked the top division’s 1,226th in the world.

From his 40 bouts, Castillo Sanchez averages less than two rounds by contest – with seventeen coming in the very first session.

Castillo Sanchez holds by far the worst record of all current active heavies, sitting a few places behind journeyman Tomas Mrazek.

To put Castillo Sanchez into perspective, he’s rated almost 500 places below Laszlo Toth, almost 600 down from Matthew Greer, 700 behind Bob Mirovic and well over 1000 away from Kevin ‘Kingpin’ Johnson.

Alexis Rafael Castillo Sanchez: Last Eight

September 2018 –  Carlouse Welch LOST – TKO2

August 2018 – Brian Cubero LOST – RET2

April 2018 – Francisco Silvens LOST – TKO1

January 2018 – Alexis Garcia LOST – TKO2

May 2017 – Abigail Soto LOST – TKO3

January 2017 – Sanderson Diaz LOST – RET1

September 2016 – Carlos Negron LOST – TKO1

June 2016 – Lucas de Abreu LOST – KO1

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