Simon Vallily heads up to heavyweight, sets domestic target

RINGSIDE 25/11/2018

Former Team GB Simon Vallily has stepped up to heavyweight after a split draw decision denied him the English cruiserweight title.

The Middlesbrough man (13-2-1-KO4) will now operate in boxing’s marquee division and is looking to establish himself quickly in a busy domestic scene.

Vallily said: “The decision to move up to heavyweight was an easy and natural one for me to make because making cruiserweight has been an issue in my last few fights.

“I’ve been fighting against my body for some time now and it’s a hindrance. My last outing, I wasn’t able to make the limit despite trying everything I could.

“This will bring about a lot of improvements on my overall performance – specifically strength, endurance and punching power. They’ll be clear to see.

“I’m really excited about this. I’ll take up all my speed and athleticism and people will be surprised by the power I bring now I’m not draining myself to make weight.

“I want to get straight into the domestic scene next year. I’m looking to fight and knock out the heavyweights on the British scene at every opportunity that comes my way.

“I’ve always had the skills. Everyone knows it. Now it’s the knockouts I’m after because that’s what everyone likes to see.”