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Rocky Balboa: 42 years of the iconic South Philly underdog

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On November 21, 1976, boxing fans met southpaw Rocky Balboa from South Philadelphia. The unconsidered underdog, who audaciously seized his chance of a lifetime and fought his way to the top, almost sending Apollo into orbit!

Four decades later, the iconic character created by Sylvester Stallone continues to be popular among millions. Those who feel attracted to the history of determination, willpower, and battling against the odds to triumph.

The reach “Rocky” got is International, and the film serves as a rich part of the American culture. It has become a representative of Philadelphia as Benjamin´s Franklin Bell of Freedom.

Rocky immortalized the steps at the Museum Art of Philadelphia. Which now are a huge if not sedate touristic attraction. What else could they be known by apart from….the “Rocky steps!”

‘Rocky’ in all histories of the saga is presented as an underdog who bravely manages to triumph despite all barriers and obstacles. He has become a source of inspiration for thousand of fighters all over the world. Rocky`s motto is: “NEVER GIVE UP!”

The reach of “Rocky” is international, and the film serves as a slice of Americana. It is shorthand for Philadelphia as much as the Liberty Bell or Benjamin Franklin.

During the WBC Annual Convention, held in Kyiv, Ukraine, Mauricio Sulaiman and the WBC Board of Governors recognized Sylvester Stallone as “Man of the Year.”

The accolade is for his determined and persistent efforts in convincing President Donald Trump to grant and sign Jack Johnson a full posthumous pardon, quashing a racially motivated criminal conviction.


Filming of Rocky III began in 1981 following two highly successful prequels, which took over $400 million at the worldwide box office.

Stallone searched for a real boxer to star as his main rival for the film, which would see him losing his position as champion before heading off on the road to redemption trained by Apollo Creed.

Eventually portrayed successfully by Mr. T (aka Laurence Tureaud), the evolution of the fearsome Clubber Lang took some time before it eventually fell into place for Stallone, who took the directional reigns on Rocky for the second time.

Stallone returns in ‘Creed II’ set for worldwide release this week.