WATCH: Emanuel Williams had NO BUSINESS being in a boxing ring

John Rincon Emanuel Williams knockout

The uproar began soon after the first bell sounded for John Rincon versus Emanuel Williams last weekend.

Two fighters took to the ring on a high-profile ESPN televised card in Oklahoma City, but only one belonged in there.

Credit to Rincon, he defeated what was in front of him in just 84 seconds, although Williams could have been badly hurt.

Mercifully going to the body once he saw the extent of Williams’ skills, Rincon ended the fight at will.

Williams has since been labelled ‘Bambi on Ice’ and ‘The World’s Worst Boxer’ for his part in the ‘contest’ – which took place on a Top Rank card with a world title headliner.

One of the world’s biggest promotional forces, questions are now being asked as to who made the decision to sanction Williams to fight.

The Louisiana youngster had barely any cornermen, non-existent defense and seemed like he’d been plucked out of the crowd and handed a pair of gloves.

As a whole, the event was shocking and has correctly been condemned ever since.


There are now calls for the Kansas Athletic Commission to revoke Williams’ license.

Protests surrounding boxing and a push for the sport to be removed from the Olympics won’t be helped by examples like this.

Williams was out of his depth even lacing up a pair of gloves as a shocked crowd watched on at the Chesapeake Energy Arena.