EXCLUSIVE: Shakan Pitters plans to capitalize on Ultimate Boxxer title

Shakan Pitters aims to star on big shows, plus wants the English title after his Ultimate Boxxer confidence-boosting win.

Pitters displayed exceptional boxing abilities on the earlier this month against domestic opposition in Ultimate Boxxer’s 2nd event.

Pitters exclusively told WBN what’s next in line in for him.

“I wanna be involved in bigger shows now. It’s more for me now to get the experience in and spar the likes of Anthony Yarde, Buatsi and so on,” Pitters exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I feel I’m ready for these kinds of people. There’s no rush because I know every fight I’m only getting better and better.

“So for me it’s just gaining as much experience from top operators. And being involved in bigger shows, I’ll wait for that phone call.”

When asked about his aspirations his dream in boxing, he replied: “Whether it be from the likes of Eddie or Frank, the dream has become reality.

“I think people recognise the hard work, I’m not one to put my neck out there and ask for things.

“People see the hard work that I put in or skills in my fight then they want to pull me on board.”

Pitters has already tasted the experience of the involvement in a Matchroom show. He would relish the opportunity to do it again.

“I just want to be involved in what those two (Eddie and Frank) are doing at the moment. I’ve obviously been in one on the undercard of Amir Khan and it was a great experience to be involved in.

“That feeling was great in front of my home crowd so I’d just love to do it. Whether it be in Birmingham or London, Manchester – wherever I’m not fussed.”


During the Ultimate Boxxer broadcast, trainer of recently retired Tony Bellew, Dave Coldwell made analysis of Pitters. He was very impressed with his performance throughout the tournament.

Coldwell stated that Pitters should go and seek out experience through sparring top boxers in the division. Then he could go on to accomplish great things.

When asked by WBN what he thought about this advice, and if he is taking it on board, he replied: “Definitely I think David Coldwell is someone I respect in the game.

“I’ve watched the amazing work he’s done with Tony Bellew and other boxers as well.

“I’m a sponge in this game. I need to soak up all the information from everyone. To take on board what great coaches like him say as well as my own coach.

“I think great boxers are great listeners, so yeah I spoke to him in the back where he advised me that it would be good to take up more of the experience side because I’ll only be getting better through that.”


Shakan Pitters turned professional in March last year but demolished through all his opponents in the tournament – knocking down each and every one.

He now boasts a number 10 British ranking.

“Remember I’ve haven’t even been a pro for two years yet and I’m already in the top 10,” Pitters pointed out.

“For me, it says a lot but I’m definitely taking that on board and my team was thinking about doing that anyway.

“We’re just going to pull forward and get some experience in rounds and experienced operators and keep improving, elevating.

“It could be whatever, I’d be happy for anything, obviously I do want titles now like the English so I’d definitely be interested in something like that.

“It’s whatever my team or management teams, any big shows that come up for me I’m willing to grab it with both hands.

“I’m ready to have titles around my waist, I know that,” the Ultimate Boxxer added.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller