Benson: McKenna isn’t ‘relentless’, just throws mad shots

RINGSIDE 20/11/2018

Lewis Benson has rubbished Tyrone McKenna doubting his fighting spirit and claims he’s already outclassed his towering Belfast visitor in sparring.

‘Kid Caramel’ plays host to ‘The Mighty Celt’ at Glasgow’s Emirates Arena on November 30 with both men looking to bounce back from their sole career defeats in an intriguing super-lightweight collision.

The verbal warfare ignited almost as soon as the match-up was announced and with McKenna questioning Benson’s desire earlier in the week, the Scot has fired back.

Benson said: I really don’t know how he can question my heart. I had a bad eighth round in my last fight and I came back like a champion in the ninth.

“He’s talking about his ‘relentless’ style but I don’t even think it’s relentless. It’s just someone walking forward and throwing mad shots. I don’t think he’s relentless at all.

“I’m smarter than he is. He goes in for wars with people who are 5ft 7. He won’t have the chance to do that with me because I’m going to be moving and playing with him all night. I’ve got faster hands than him. He’s had more stoppages than me but I’ve felt his strength and his power doesn’t bother me. 

“You can call this a crossroads fight. We’re both coming off our first loss and are both looking to bouncing back. I’m going to be the one bouncing back and using this as a springboard for big title fights.”

With the social media war with McKenna ongoing, Benson has also exchanged pleasantries with his rival’s close friends Paddy Barnes and Tyrone McCullagh.

Addressing this, Benson added: “There’s been some good banter on social media with the likes of Paddy Barnes. Another one –  who I don’t even know – is Tyrone McCullagh. I know he’s really good friends with McKenna but I can’t wait to wipe the smile off his face as well.

“I have no nerves. I’m looking forward to it more than anything. I’m going to shut him and his mates up with a great performance. He’s either daft or deluded thinking he can beat me.”

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