3rd Annual WBC Women’s Convention kicks off in Manila

RINGSIDE 18/11/2018

On Friday, November 16, in Manila, Philippines, the WBC Asian Summit and 3rd Women’s Convention commenced with a press conference and welcome cocktail reception at the Sofitel Philippine Plaza Manila.

As the sun set over Manila Bay, attendees and media members from the national and international press gathered to celebrate a historic event: the first WBC Women’s Convention held outside of Mexico.

At the opening press conference, speakers on the dais included Abraham Kahlil B. Mitra, chairman of the Philippines’ Games and Amusements Board (GAB) and international secretary of the WBC; Christiane Manzur, WBC Cares chairperson and wife of WBC president Mauricio Sulaiman; Malte Mueller-Michaelis, WBC women’s championship committee chairman; Jill Diamond, WBC international secretary and international chairperson of WBC Cares; WBC Muay Thai executive referees’ director Dej Sri-Anpai; Eduard B. Trinidad, commissioner for operations of the GAB; and Michael George, chairman of the WBC Silver championship.

Champions and fighters present at the Convention include, Former Champion Alicia Ashley, Former Champion Martha Salazar, Current World Champion Jelena Mrdjenovich, Raja Amasheh, Melissa St. Vil, Franchon Crews-Dezurn, Kenia Enriquez, Sulem Urbina, Fabiana Bytyqi.

WBC is battling ever harder towards better and fairer purses for women fighters

Finding ways of paying women boxers what they truly deserve and are realistically worth for their titanic efforts, is a thorny issue that the World Boxing Council is embracing by: “Grasping the nettle.”

At the World Boxing Council’s third Women’s Convention in Manila, Malte Muller Michaelis Chairman of it’s Women’s Championship Committee said:

“We are very proud and happy to say that women’s boxing is growing and the WBC is a leading force in this development. Women’s fights are now broadcast on big networks in the United States and in many countries women fighters are the main events. More and more countries understand that this a reality, but we still have a long way to go!”


Part of that get up and go , concerns pay for a job well done. Malte explains: “We are working hard on that, getting minimum purses for championship fights, challengers and contenders. We are getting to a stage where more and more countries understand that women’s boxing is a reality and that it great!

“At the Most recent WBC Convention, we said there has to be minimum pay of twenty five thousand dollars for a WBC championship fight and we are working very, very hard to make that a reality. Fatuma Zurika in Kenya our super bantamweight champion is making that now. So we hope this will gather more attention plus momentum, and we will get there step my step.”

The aim concerning WBC Women’s Conventions, is to hold them every other year. Malte said They demand and deserve it concerning recognition. It’s also good to go outside Mexico, to reach more markets.

“Our fighters are so happy to be here in Manila. I think it’s important to go out and to meet the people, and I’m very happy to be here in the Philippines.”