Lucas Browne v Junior Pati given WBC boost for Nov 24

RINGSIDE 15/11/2018

Lucas Browne (26 – 1 – 0) will be fighting for the first time in New Zealand against the Samoan born New Zealander Junior Pati (13 – 22 – 1).

Browne who recently had an epic comeback by Knocking out former WBA Oceania champion Julius Long, is hoping to get back into World title contention. A win over Junior Pati would not only give him the WBC ABCO Silver Heavyweight title, but could possibly put him back in the top 40 in the WBC.

This could be a potential lead up to a future bout against either Ultimate Anzac bout between either of the New Zealand great heavyweight fighters including Joseph Parker, Junior Fa, Hemi Ahio or David Light.

Junior Pati is coming into this bout as the under “Pitbull” dog of this bout. Pati who is cousins with David Tua, has a very similar boxing style to the Tuaman. Despite his unbalanced win/lose record, Pati started his career in 2014 where instead of fighting for money he fought to win.

His record in the passed 8 fights is 5 – 2 – 1. Winning his fight two titles including the WPBF Asia Pacific title & UBF Asia Pacific title. If he wins this bout, not only will he shoot straight up in top 100 in the world, he would make a massive name for himself and ready to take on those top tier fighters.

On the Main Undercard, Hemi Ahio will be taking on Conrad Lam. These to heavyweights are two of the most feared boxers in New Zealand. Hemi Ahio who has held the NZNBF version & PBCNZ version of the New Zealand Titles and IBO Oriental-Oceania Heavyweight titles.

Hemi Ahio was at one point ranked top 100 in the world and has a high Knockout percentage. For the passed three years, Ahio was forced to take a hiatus due to contractual obligations to his for manager. However due to his contract expiring in July this year he is now about to start boxing again.

Conrad Lam who is trained by Julius long, is the biggest boxer in New Zealand today. Most times breaking the scales, weighing in at over 170 kgs. What makes him scary in the ring is not only the amount of power that he produces in him punches but also the amount of speed he throws his punches with. Lam is coming off a defeat from Daniel Tai, is looking to redeem himself.

Also featuring on the undercard is Navosa “Smiley” Ioata vs Floyd Masson. Navosa Ioata Is one of New Zealands elite boxers, however the problem with Smiley is that no one in New Zealand wants to fight him.

Navosa (5 – 2 – 0) Now having to take on overseas boxers to try keep active. Floyd Masson is a New Zealand Born boxer who currently resides in Perth Western Australia.

Masson fought as an amateur in New Zealand, fought a lot of great boxers in his amateur days including David Light and Nikolas Charalampous. This will be Masson’s first professional bout in New Zealand.

Other professional bouts on the undercard are, the returning Skope Siaosi (2 – 0 – 0) who was out of action this year due to injury, taking on Elite amateur boxer Jessie Nikora (0 – 1 – 0), Michael Cornelius (3 – 2 – 0) taking on Rob Manual (0 – 5 – 1) and MMA star Cameron Tukua (1 – 0 – 0) taking on pro boxing debutant Semisi Kalu.

Be quick to get your tickets now as they are selling quick. This event WILL NOT be televised. The Promoter has attempted to get this fight night to be on Sky TV in NZ, however Sky TV were not interest to show the bout.