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Home » ‘I’m in charge’ – Tyson Fury trainer Ben Davison on Freddie Roach addition

‘I’m in charge’ – Tyson Fury trainer Ben Davison on Freddie Roach addition

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Ben Davison has responded to several questions over the appointment of Freddie Roach in Tyson Fury’s corner.

Roach revealed to that he was asked work with Fury for the Deontay Wilder fight on December 1.

The Hall of Famer, who trained Manny Pacquiao to glory for years, makes a high-profile appearance.

Fury has been spending time at the Wild Card Gym, and when space opened up, Roach fit the bill perfectly.

“He asked me if I’d work in his corner,” Roach told Sports Illustrated. “He asked me if I could do cuts. I said, ‘Yeah, I have guys better than me though’.

“He said, ‘Do you know what you’re doing?’ And I said, ‘Of course I do, I have everything you need’. So I’m the cutman.”

The move immediately saw some ask what this means for Davison. It wasn’t long before the coach responded.

“Definitely not,” said Davison on whether this means his position was under threat. “It was me who asked Freddie,” he added.

A short while later, Davison followed it up with: “Don’t look into it (Roach addition) too much. I’m in charge.

“I’m Tyson’s trainer and what I say goes. But what better second could you get than Freddie? Simple as that.”

Under the guidance of Davison, Fury has undergone an astonishing transformation.

At one point, Fury was pushing 400 pounds until linking up with Davison and embarking on a comeback.

Just over a year later and Fury is on course to be trimmer than ever ahead of his WBC title shot next month.

The fight goes out live on Pay-Per-View on both sides of the Atlantic and could become one of the most lucrative heavyweight fights in history.


Wilder vs. Fury tests the raw power of Wilder against the unmatched size and mobility of Fury.

America’s only heavyweight champion since 2007, Wilder has 39 knockouts in 40 professional fights. This includes knockouts in all seven of his title defenses.

Fury is a former IBF, WBA and WBO heavyweight world champion. He is undefeated in 27 professional fights and holds boxing’s coveted lineal heavyweight title.

Tickets for the event, which is promoted by BombZquad Enterprises and Queensberry Promotions, in association with DiBella Entertainment and TGB Promotions, are on sale now.

Tickets are priced starting at $75, plus applicable fees, and are available via