WBC reveal new YouTube series ‘Boxing Back When’

RINGSIDE 14/11/2018
World Boxing Council

The World Boxing Council (WBC) has launched today a new series on their YouTube Channel, www.youtube.com/wbcboxingvid, named “Boxing Back When…”, the series will be uploaded every Monday at 12pm PT.

Starting today’s episode with Former Champion, BAM BAM Brandon Rios, following with many greats as Evander Holyfield, Chris Byrd, Riddick Bowe, David Benavidez and many more.

This series was created by Pepe Sulaiman and the Los Angeles office with the intention of the fans getting to know a different side of a fighter. Everyone sees them in the ring, but not all know what led them to that place.

We invite all media and fans to subscribe, share and follow the Channel as this is the beginning of many interviews going back and close to some of your favorites. Getting up close to the fighters emotionally is what creates fans and helps respect the fighters sacrifice to get to where they are today.

web_Boxing Back When.jpg

This first series, starring Brandon Rios is very emotional and felt it was¬†appropriate to launch today as he makes his return to the ring this Saturday against Ramon Alvarez on DAZN. Here is the link and we hope you will enjoy and share.¬†https://youtu.be/h–LWxLqwws