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Manuel Charr: DOPING UNPROVEN, I’ll defend vs Fres Oquendo in 2019!

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Manuel Charr has penned two heartfelt letters to boxing fans and media over the last week. The WBA ‘Regular’ champion wants all to know he is not guilty of any doping violation.

The 34 year-old was halted from making his mandatory defense against Fres Oquendo earlier this year due to a VADA red flag for two banned substances.

Charr has always insisted on his innocence, even when threatened with the possibility of being stripped of his belt or suspended.

In the latest development, Charr says he’s been informed doping allegations could not be upheld. Coupled with a confirmation that his fight with Oquendo is back on for 2019.

“On 29th September, my title defense against Oquendo was planned. As you all noticed, the fight was canceled because of suspected doping,” explained Charr.

“I have always emphasized that I knowingly did not consume any prohibited substances. My investor Christian Jäger thinks that too and stands behind me.

“Therefore, we decided to have a new independent doping control done promptly and got an appointment from VADA. This took place on September 29th, the actual day of the fight.

“I have promised you that I will openly deal with the VADA result. This morning I received an email from my lawyer with the result. NO DOPING could be proven, so I am ‘clean’.

“How did the result of the A-Sample come about? The previous result is due to over-the-counter supplements in Germany that I have consumed for a while.

“I was totally unaware that they contained ingredients that violated anti-doping rules,” he added.


Charr now says he’ll push on with a planned fight with Oquendo, which will be a blow to Jarrell Miller.

The American was lobbying WBA President through co-promoter Eddie Hearn to be given a shot at the vacant strap.

“Together with my team and my lawyer, I have done everything in recent weeks to actively participate in the reprocessing process,” stated Charr.

“From our point of view, there is no doubt that I am the reigning WBA world champion and that I am entitled to this title. And, of course, to defend it.

“A few days ago my team and I went to Bulgaria and met with representatives of Fres Oquendo. A new fight will take place in the first half of 2019, from our point of view.

“We now expect a positive confirmation of the fight date from the WBA. I am still preparing for the fight and I am pleased to be able to defend my title soon,” he added.