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Home » Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather beef: Advice follows annihilation

Oscar De La Hoya vs Floyd Mayweather beef: Advice follows annihilation

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Oscar De La Hoya has offered Floyd Mayweather some timely advice as the pair continue an eye-gouging social media spat.

In the midst of both posting some shocking low blows and retorts to each other on Instagram and Twitter, De La Hoya has opened up on Mayweather’s recent Japanese debacle.

Mayweather backtracked on a fight with the RIZIN MMA Group in Aisa recently, citing a lack of knowledge over what he was actually getting into.

Now, if anyone who knows Floyd Mayweather, the American never goes into anything without being fully briefed on the situation.

So De La Hoya, like most, is skeptical of Mayweather’s intentions with the RIZIN press conference. Where Mayweather had announced a New Year’s Eve fight with 20-year-old Tenshin Nasukawa.

“I think he just wants attention,” De La Hoya on Monday told MMAjunkie. “That’s all it is, and Floyd is a fighter who should just stick to boxing.”

Adding his thoughts on Mayweather competing in an Octagon, De La Hoya added: “I don’t think he’ll ever step into the cage. Making up these special rules, it’s ridiculous.

“If you’re going to box, then box inside the ring, and If you want to become an MMA fighter, why limit yourself and set the rules, so there’s no kicks or grappling?

“If you want to get involved and be in the MMA world, then do it. Don’t set the rules. I think he should stick to boxing. That’s what he knows best.

“But he can’t help himself. If he ever fights a Khabib inside the octagon, c’mon, we all know what’s going to happen. That fight’s going to end in one minute – or 30 seconds.”


Concluding with his own reasoning for Mayweather’s behavior, De La Hoya said: “Floyd is a fighter who knows how to pick and choose his opponents at the right time for his benefit.

“When he fought Conor McGregor, the reason why I was hugely against it is that it was unfair to Conor. It was totally unfair to Conor McGregor.

“I mean, Conor is not a boxer. He’s not a boxer fighting 12 rounds, and it was totally unfair. But these are the things that Floyd does to his advantage.”

Despite the Nasukawa farce, Mayweather is still strongly favored to fight Manny Pacquiao again in 2019.

All publicity gained in the meantime would be helpful to Mayweather, making Pacquiao II the biggest event it could be.

Pacquiao has to beat Adrien Broner beforehand in January.