Chantelle Cameron open to bareknuckle run after boxing career

RINGSIDE 12/11/2018

Chantelle Cameron says she could be persuaded to ditch her gloves and fight bareknuckle.

Cameron has conquered the world at kickboxing and pro boxing – and says she could be tempted to make another switch.

The IBO lightweight champion will be at ringside for the bareknuckle show at O2 Indigo next Saturday (November 17) and said: “I was chatting to the promoter (Jim Freeman) and he was saying he would love to have me on the shows.

“I told him to see how much money he can find and I might agree a two-fight deal.

“It might be a bit of fun.

“It’s really rough and tough, but I like it.

“When I watch bareknuckle boxing on television I think: ‘I could be good at this !’

“I sit there watching it with my mum and say: ‘I would love to be there.’

“After I’ve finished boxing, I might have a go. It would be another challenge. I’ve done kickboxing and amateur and pro boxing and I don’t fancy the grappling in MMA. Bareknuckle boxing does appeal to me.”

Cameron says she wants to clean up the lightweight division before she thinks about taking up bareknuckle boxing – and could get the chance.

There’s talk of a lightweight tournament that could include pound-for-pound star Delfine Persoon, along with possibly Katie Taylor and Cameron.

Ireland’s Taylor holds the IBF and WBA belts, while Cameron is the IBO champion.

Taylor outpointed Cameron in an amateur fight in 2011 and ever since then, the Northampton fighter has wanted her revenge.

Cameron said: “I’m looking for the big fights and I would love it if this tournament happened.

“I’m ready to challenge anyone out there and you can’t avoid anyone in this sort of tournament.

‘’The lightweight division is strong and this tournament would be the best against the best.

“I would back myself against any of them. With my style, I’m a hard night for anyone.’’