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EXCLUSIVE: Amir Khan opens up on Kell Brook ringside chat

Former world champion Amir Khan had revealed to WBN exactly what was said when he came face-to-face with Kell Brook on Saturday night.

Khan and Brook were positioned close to each other at the Oleksandr Usyk v Tony Bellew clash in Manchester, and rumors soon began to surface of a confrontation.

The Bolton man says nothing untoward took place, even providing his own video on the incident. Khan stated all was calm between the pair.


With Brook recently announcing a return to the ring in December at 154 pounds, Khan outlined that he put the feelers out on where they currently stand.

The Britons have been linked to facing each other for some time now and were thought to be closer than ever after Khan signed with Eddie Hearn.

“So I was at the boxing last night with Kell Brook. He was sat not far from at ringside,” Khan exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I went over to him, and I shook his hand, and I said, ‘Listen, you want this fight, or you don’t want this fight?’ – As I don’t everyone making out as if it’s me that doesn’t want the fight.

“There was no pushing or shoving. It was all professional between us. We know it’s a business, and hopefully, we want to fight each other. We shook hands, and we kept it cool. No pushing, no arguments at all.


“The only reason I signed with Eddie Hearn is that he’s got, Kell Brook. It’s one of the fights I’ve always wanted.

“I spoke to him, and I said, ‘look, I want the fight, and you are obviously fighting in December, let’s hope you win this fight and straight after that you get in the ring with me.

“He goes, ‘yeah, yeah’ but seemed like he was making excuses. ‘I want 147, or do you want 147’. He was saying ‘with ten pounds on top’ and ‘is there going to be a title on the line?’ – that’s what he said.

“Wait a minute. Regardless, this fight between Kell Brook and me doesn’t really matter if there’s a title because it’s a big fight. So I don’t know why he was shying away from it.

“I think he’s giving everyone false hope saying that, ‘Amir is scared of me,’ but I’m a businessman and a fighter. I’ve fought all around the world. At that time, the fight didn’t happen because I was making a name in America.

“So now, when I asked him, ‘let’s get this fight done’ – he started complaining about the weight and saying I need to give him time to get the weight down.

“He seems very confused talking about titles on the line and this and that, but this is a big fight regardless as a non-title fight.


“I think because it was face-to-face and I said, ‘I want the fight’ – he backed off. I don’t want people around the world or in the UK thinking I’m scared of Kell Brook. I’m not scared of Kell Brook and never have been.”


On the Pay-Per-View blockbuster finally happening in 2019, Khan added: “Now is the best time for the fight to happen. All this talking Kell has been doing, now is the time to back up your words.

“Saying he’ll fight me anytime, anywhere, but he’s got to agree my terms as I’m the A-side. And he admitted that. But he didn’t seem like one hundred percent he wanted this fight.

“I think I called his bluff yesterday, and he just kept giving excuses,” he concluded.

Brook battles Michael Zerafa in a non-PPV event at Sheffield Arena on December 8th. Khan is yet to announce his plans formally.

The 31-year-old had hoped to land a fight with Manny Pacquiao until Adrien Broner was confirmed for the Filipino in January.

Khan will now wait until after Brook v Zerafa to see whether a fight with the ex-welterweight titleholder can finally be nailed down for the spring or summer of next year.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay.