WATCH: Amir Khan ‘TEAM KHAN’ documentary training clip

While Amir Khan soared to fame as a young boxer, it’s the glimpse into his life surrounded by his practicing Muslim family-team and his philanthropic work in the UK and Pakistan which makes his story unique compared to other superstar athletes.

As an amateur boxer, Khan won a silver medal in the lightweight division at the 2004 Olympics, becoming Britain’s youngest boxing Olympic medalist at the age of seventeen.

He is also one of the youngest ever British professional world champions, winning the WBA title at the age of twenty-two. Since turning pro, Amir has been a two-time world champion, going from lightweight to welterweight and now up to middleweight.

Outside of the ring, Amir Khan grapples with the significance of family, fame, and religion – while continuing to work as a philanthropist and mixed martial arts promoter.

TEAM KHAN follows Amir from 2014 – 2016. He has recently returned to the ring, winning his last two fights. He’s confident he can become a world champion once again.


Directed by Blair Macdonald and Oliver Clark. Produced by Blair Macdonald, Oliver Clark and Toby Welch. Cinematography by Blair Macdonald, Oliver Clark and Asad Faruqi. A Brainstorm Media release.

Running Time: 97 minutes

Language: English

Genre: Documentary

Rating: Not rated