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Home » EXCLUSIVE: Neeco Macias talks prep for Jesus Soto Karass challenge

EXCLUSIVE: Neeco Macias talks prep for Jesus Soto Karass challenge

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On Thursday 8th November, Golden Boy prospect Neeco Macias makes another step up in opposition against Jesus Soto Karass.

In an exclusive interview, WBN spoke with Macias about the upcoming fight.

“We’re looking to learn a lot from this fight. It’s probably going to be the first time going ten rounds,” Macias exclusively told World Boxing News.

“We’re well prepared and conditioned and ready to show the world that we can go 10 rounds no problem.”

Showing an aggressive high punch output in his previous fight, ‘The Rooster’ reflected on his fighting style used.

“That’s how we practice, just go crazy the whole time. That is what works best for me, we’re still learning and the game is to not get hit.

“So we’re going to apply all that offense and all the punches. But at the same time we’re still learning to duck punches, block shots and counter with an abundance of punches.”

After a long list of journeymen and two fellow prospects on his resume, Macias outlined to WBN his stepping up in opposition and his intentions to build.

“Absolutely, we know this one is a big step up because Soto Karass is a warrior and he’s been 12 rounds. If you wanna be the best you’ve got to fight the best so we’re looking at 18-0 vs Soto Karass and then the sky is the limit.

“I definitely know he is a volume puncher as well and he loves to go to the body so it’s going to be very exciting. I know he’s conventional and will try and get his foot on the outside.

“I’m going to get my foot on the outside first and if he hits me once or twice, I’m hitting him three or four times. That’s the way we’re going to win the fight.”


Showcasing a warrior fighting style, one that is particularly popular and could mean big opportunities down the line.

“I just want to fight for my family and friends and the fans so the entertainment part, definitely I just want to entertain fighters because that is what boxing is all about.

“I’m sure there will be a time for that but right now I’m all about Soto Karass and we’ve got to go beat him first.”

Signing a new promotional deal with Golden Boy Promotions, the future of Macias looks bright.

“It’s super cool because I’ve fought for Golden Boy like seven times. My last time I think was the seventh or maybe even eighth.

“Just to be a part of the team now I feel like I’ve earned myself and I’ve got to prove myself.

“Now that I’ve got Golden Boy to back me up, I just want to show that they made the right choice,” he concluded.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller