Eddie Hearn talks Canelo on DAZN, ‘THE PROBLEM’ with Pay-Per-View

📸: Mark Robinson

Promoter Eddie Hearn has already predicted the demise of boxing Pay-Per-View having witnessed Canelo Alvarez signing with DAZN.

The new streaming service is already on the verge of becoming the biggest fighter platform in the United States, despite only launching in September.

Hearn took a big gamble signing with DAZN when announcing his own plans to breaking America. A move which has now been fully justified due to Canelo’s move.

HBO PPV, which has ceased to exist on the back of Canelo’s decision, will now be completely out of boxing by 2019.

Hearn believes Showtime could follow suit as fans find it harder to take being charged massive amounts for fight events.

“Well when you say you’ve seen fighters make 150-200 million. You’ve seen Floyd Mayweather. So you know I think those fights are very unique,” Hearn explained to Sirius XM Boxing Radio.

“We have the ability to make the fights that count. I think the great thing for fight fans is you know every time that Canelo fights you’re asked to put your hand in your pocket and pay ninety dollars you know.

“I mean the Fielding fight later on this year would have been a pay per view fought on HBO. It is now free to watch on DAZN and the Canelo fight with Danny Jacobs, right (when it happens).

“All these fights are going to be part of a monthly subscription service on DAZN. Bringing Canelo to the platform is going to instantly boost the subscriber rate.

“Also we have the ability to say for instance the Fielding fight is no longer $79.99 or $84.99 for this fight actually is free because they do a month’s free subscription anyway.

“But moving forward the Golovkin fight, you know, Canelo is going to fight twice in 2019. So both of those fights would have been $84.99 for HBO Subscribers.

“Right now they’re going to be part of your monthly subscription so it’s kind of like taking away the days of pay per view. And I think the problem with the price point in the U.S. at that height are our PPV fights, Joshua, etc. – is 25 dollars in the UK.

“But you know I think outsiders would put the U.S. market at that price point of PPV and find it very hard to digest. Even though you guys are used to it. You know there’s a lot of money in it.”


Listen to Eddie Hearn on Canelo Alvarez’s signing with DAZN here:

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