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Home » Ryder moves closer to Smith Anfield clash / Gill, Cheeseman seal titles

Ryder moves closer to Smith Anfield clash / Gill, Cheeseman seal titles

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John Ryder secured the win for a world title shot at Callum Smith with a seventh-round body shot stoppage of Andrey Sirotkin.

Sirotkin held ‘The Gorilla’ at any moment of danger which made looking impressive hard for Ryder.

Things started to heat up in the sixth round when Ryder suffered a big cut on the left eye from a head clash and retaliated with strong hooks.

Finishing the job, Ryder launched an assault and a final right hook sent Sirotkin down with six seconds left in the round.

The impressive Ted Cheeseman won the war against Asinia Byfield to pick up the vacant British Super welterweight title.

Both fighters showed true grit in taking the fight the distance. Cheeseman saw more success up close and personal where he switched between uppercuts and body hooks.

Byfield adapted after a 5th round knockdown from two successive Cheeseman right hands, using his jab he set up his backhand and kept his attacker at bay.

Cheeseman overcame the setback and proved it in the final round, still using the front foot tactic to deliver a demolition job resulting in 117-110 x1 and 117-111 x2.

Isaac Chamberlain vs. Luke Watkins was a lot of fun whilst it lasted.

Watkins threw wild shots whereas Chamberlain showed a more technical side to his boxing as expected.

High levels of action had the Copper Box Arena audience in joy with Chamberlain landing some classy countering shots.

Chamberlain’s whipping hooks around the guard were tiring Watkins in the later rounds.

Both men laid it all on the line in the final round where Chamberlain and Watkins traded a barrage of hooks between them.

Watkins took a knee in the last few seconds but made it back up after the bell.

The close domestic fight ended in Chamberlain’s favour 95-94 with the last second knockdown winning him the fight.

Felix Cash desperately tried to knock out Stephen Danyo but the latter was on a mission to survive.

Cash’s high work rate showed a clear difference between the two fighters. He was becoming more aggressive as the rounds went on.

In round eight, Cash delivered a clear low blow to Danyo and continued an onslaught to try and force the stoppage he wasn’t getting.

Danyo didn’t give up but he also wasn’t trying hard enough and Cash won the fight on all judges scorecards 100-90.

The talented Reece Bellotti appeared swift in his return against Brayan Mairena.

Throwing hooks to the body of the Nicaraguan, Bellotti was easily gaining the upper hand.

An overhand right late in the third round from Bellotti unbalanced Mairena.

‘Bomber’ broke down the sturdy Mairena with continued success and won via points 59-55.


Craig Richards let out his frustration on late replacement Michal Ludwiczak.

Richards scored a knockdown in the first round which could have been ruled a slip.

The 2nd round was a display of ‘Spider’’s power as he knocked him down with a short left and hunted him down with a straight right to finish the fight.

Wardy is back and he means business! Showing a new and improved form, Martin J Ward was a much sharper tool than Mohammed Kambuluta.

Ward rolled with Kambuluta’s shots and countered with a right hand to edge the fight in his favour. A tired Kambuluta took a short left hook and stayed down in the second round.

Charlie Duffield went the distance for the first time in his eighth contest against Josip Perkovic.

The bout proceeded with caution until Duffield warmed into the fight and let his hands go, drawing blood on the face of Perkovic.

Duffield appeared troubled in the 3rd momentarily but stayed on his feet and fired back to win a 40-36 points victory.

Louie Lynn opened the show with sweeping successive hooks and flashy speed to outbox Rafael Castillo.

Knocking Castillo down twice in the 2nd, Lynn scored one more in the 3rd. The ref then called an end to the contest at 1:53 in Lynn’s favour.

In a floater, George Fox continued from where he left off on his professional debut, measuring his jab and finding angles to easily hit Igor Mihaljevic.

Remaining calm and calculated at all times, Fox outpointed Igor Mihaljevic by 40-36.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller