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Home » WATCH: Tyson Fury throws ‘W***ER, HATER’ reporter out of presser

WATCH: Tyson Fury throws ‘W***ER, HATER’ reporter out of presser

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A mass of media gathered around Tyson Fury this week in anticipation of asking a few questions regarding his fight with Deontay Wilder.

Fury attempts to take Wilder’s WBC heavyweight title in Los Angeles on December 1 when the pair clash in Los Angeles.

Following a few days of press duties, Fury was ready to speak to a clutch of reporters.

One of those was popular YouTuber Elie Seckbach, who is famous for his ‘reporting’ catchphrase.

Prior to sharing a room with Fury, Seckbach had been vocal in his view on the Wilder fight.

Seckbach had stated Wilder would win and has previously been less than complimentary about Fury’s triumph over Wladimir Klitschko.

This led to Fury pushing for Seckbach’s exit once he spotted him in the crowd of journalists.

“You can’t interview me. See you in a bit. Bye!” said Fury, urging Seckbach to be led out.

“Get him out of here. I don’t want him around me. He’s a hater. Thank you, Elie. See you in a bit.

“A w***er, that’s what Elie is! Get him out of here,” he added.


Despite a long absence from the ring and two subsequently lower-key victories, Fury is only a slight underdog with bookmakers.

Citing his taming of Klitschko in 2015, plus the fact he’s still undefeated. Fury is given a real shot in the fight.

Speaking on the fight, Fury stated: “This is an important fight for boxing, because it’s two undefeated champions facing off.

“There have been people not getting in the ring with top guys for whatever reason, but here you have two fighters stepping up and onto the line.

“It’s a pretty easy fight to analyze, Deontay Wilder needs to connect with that big right hand and knock me out, and I need to not let him do that.

“I need to do whatever I can to get out the way of that right hand, and make him worry about defending my punches.

“I already became a unified champion; I’ve crossed the bridge into the very upper echelon of the sport. This time I’m back and I’m here for good.

“I’m back to reclaim my throne. Even though I’ve had the tune-up fights, I feel like this is my true comeback fight.”