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Don Fraser celebrated at California Boxing Hall of Fame

On Saturday, October 20th in Studio City, Ca. The California Boxing Hall Of Fame held it’s last Hall Of Fame as legendary Mr. Boxing, Don Fraser will now retire.

Bill and Linda Dempsey-Young of the National Boxing Hall Of Fame, hosted the event which SOLD OUT as many wanted to be there to honor Mr. Boxing.

Don Fraser gave 77 years to Boxing and now wants to enjoy his daughters and great-grand children. New Jersey Hall Of Fame as well as International Boxing Hall Of Fame sent gifts to Mr. Fraser, but there was a special moment in the ceremony where WBC gathered all fighters and Champions present, about 25, to crown Don Fraser, Honorary WBC Champion.

The smile on Don Fraser’s face while being given the message WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman sent, was priceless. He grabbed his hat and immediately put it on with pride.

The day continued honoring all inductees present, Chango Carmona, who had tears in the stage and couldn’t believe this honor. Guty Espadas Sr. and Guty Espadas Jr. who are the first ever Father and Son duo to enter the California Boxing Hall Of Fame, Sr. was very proud to say the WBC helped him so much in his career.

President of Golden Boy Boxing, Eric Gomez. Sportscaster Jim Gray, currently with Showtime and FOX. Michael Carbajal, who reminded us of the great wars with Chiquita Gonzalez.

Super Middleweight Frankie Liles. Heavyweight Dee Collier. Salinas own, Jose Antonio Celaya, el Cuate. Well known Souther California historian, Gene Aguilera. Referee Wayne Hedgepeth.

Trainer Jimmy Montoya who helped produce 17 World Champions. Timekeeper Mike North and finally but not least World Boxing Council had three inductees, Judges Alejandro Rochin, Benjamin Rendon and Public Relations, Nancy Rodriguez, for their current titles and more they have done not only in the Boxing community, but their owns as well. Jimmy Lennon Jr. won the Don Fraser Lifetime Achievement Award, but unfortunately was unable to attend due to work.

The Induction Gala was beautiful to experience, many went to Don Fraser’s table to give him a hug, to say thank you for the lifetime you dedicated to Boxing, some called him an Ambassador of Boxing. Many Champions and fighters were there to support like The Ruelas Brothers, Paul Banke, Ruben Castillo, Herman Montes, Danny ‘Little Red’ Lopez, Armando Muniz, Arturo Frias and many more. California has a huge Boxing Community, but it is so small, everyone knows each other, but at the same time they hardly see each other.

Therefore, when there is an event like the California Boxing Hall Of Fame, it is definitely a big celebration among Champions and Boxing Family. Thank you Don Fraser, Thank you Bill and Linda Dempsey Young for bring the Boxing Community and honoring those that are sometimes forgotten.