Eddie Hearn: Mayweather v McGregor bigger than Khabib fight

Esther Lin

Promoter Eddie Hearn had his say on a possible match-up between Floyd Mayweather and Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Hearn, speaking to Sirius XM Boxing Radio, gave his view as Mayweather continues to feed rumors of a cross-codes battle.

This comes just over a year from his easy victory over Conor McGregor, which earned Mayweather a nine-figure paycheck.

I was at the Conor McGregor fight. I watched the build-up and I’ve been going to shows for 30 years and I love the sport of boxing. I felt very uncomfortable with that fight.

“From a business perspective, it was incredible. The money that it generated, you know boxing, obviously [the fight] wasn’t for real you know it was it was almost like an exhibition.

“You can’t also ignore the dollars they generated. Also the attention that it brought the sport and the crossover of MMA fans into the sport and vice versa.

“So I don’t feel like Mayweather-Khabib you know is a bigger fight than McGregor. Because Khabib is not a character that McGregor is and the hype that McGregor brought in to the Mayweather fight was incredible.

“I saw Dana White just to basically rubbishing that fine to absolute nonsense. Don’t even think about it.

“So you know it’s not for me they generate multiple dollars, and if they ask me to promote it. I would do it. Well I just as the fight fan and someone who cares about the sport and loves the sport, It’s not something that I’m overly comfortable with.

“But you know when you talk about something like that fight and the business [behind it] is difficult to ignore.

Listen to Eddie Hearn on a Floyd-Khabib fight here:

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