F*** OFF! – You think Wilder WANTS Joshua? – You’re a STUPID IDIOT!

Stacey Verbeek

Promoter Eddie Hearn has launched an astonishing rant at Deontay Wilder over a fight with Anthony Joshua.

Obviously frustrated at Wilder’s unwillingness to negotiate until after a fight with Tyson Fury, Hearn blasted the American in a recent interview.

Speaking on his regular YouTube platform at IFL TV, Hearn labelled Wilder ‘an idiot’ for wanted a 60-40 split of the pot. Hearn also branded anyone who thinks Wilder wants the fight ‘an idiot’ into the bargain.

This is despite Wilder publicly accepting a deal ‘lowball’ $15m deal with Hearn, provided it included a rematch clause.

As Hearn failed to insert the request if Wilder lost the first fight or even drew with Joshua, talks stalled long enough for the WBA to order Alexander Povetkin as mandatory.

But even with knowing Wilder signed a deal with Fury in less than a week of negotiations, Hearn still wants an agreement with Joshua before the WBC title holder trades blows with the former champion on December 1.

There would still be 132 days from December 1 to Joshua’s fight on April 13 (almost certainly against Dillian Whyte). Meaning there’s ample time and more to open and conclude talks.

Fans have already voted on the WBN Poll that Dillian Whyte is the opponent, which Hearn has admitted will be the case if Wilder doesn’t adhere to his terms.

Wilder is playing hardball on the basis he beats Fury, although Hearn doesn’t think ‘The Bronze Bomber’ is worth 40% even if he does.

If Joseph Parker is worth 35% on the basis of defeating Hughie Fury, surely Wilder would be worth 40% if he defeated Tyson?

Not so, according to Hearn, who gave anyone confident of Wilder signing a decent Joshua contract both barrels over the weekend.


“I’m sick and tired of idiots out there who thinks he wants the fight. How stupid do you have to be to think Deontay Wilder wants this fight (against Joshua)?” Hearn told IFL TV.

“Boring, boring, boring. Mate f*** off. Mate, (Deontay Wilder) you ain’t earned three million bucks. F**** sake. You can walk up any city, any high street, any town in the world and ask anyone who Deontay Wilder is – no one’s got a f****** clue.

“He ain’t even going to do 300k pay per views on Showtime (vs Tyson Fury) and you want 60/40? Idiot.

“I’ve got no time for time wasters, give me someone that wants to fight Joshua, not talk about it to try and raise their profile. I’m sick and tired of those idiots out there who think he wants the fight.

“Don’t waste our time. Don’t use Joshua’s name to gain profile and publicity. If that’s what he really thinks please don’t f****** waste my time. I’m really f****** busy,” he added.