EXCLUSIVE: Damian Chambers talks recent KO run, cruiserweight future

Having scored three consecutive first-round knockouts, Damian Chambers is turning heads up North and gaining traction.

In an interview with WBN this week, the Matthew Hatton- trained prospect discussed his career so far.

“I’m doing well, I’ve got a lot of learning to do, I feel like all the sparring and training I’m doing with Matt teaching me new things every day, it’s really good,” Chambers exclusively told World Boxing News.

“My style is more suited for the pros, the sparring sessions are going well. It’s obviously a tough division at Cruiserweight, it only really takes one shot so you’ve got to be careful and adapt.”

Building a current record of 5-0 (3 KOs) Chambers knows his own power. He’s looking to carry on progressing and knocking out those who are lined up.

“I’m loving it at the minute, I feel like I’m doing well and the last three fights have talked for themselves. The first fight that I had, he was a tough lad, he was a bit dirty – spitting his gum guard out,” he explained.

“If it weren’t for that I probably could have gotten the stoppage, but I was a bit rusty coming into my debut having not fought for a year as an amateur.

“The first two fights were good but obviously the next three proved I was just warming up the first two fights and now I’m feeling good.”

Chambers obviously has a bright future ahead of him with Hatton by his side if he’s able to continue his success.

“Next year hopefully we’re going to start fighting people with a similar record, towards the end of the year.

“I’ve got my eye on them all, I’ve been watching them all on YouTube, its a really good division, the top level at the minute are good but there’s not many at the top end.”

Chambers follows his potential opponents closely and looks forward to meeting them in a packed domestic division. Reeling the long list of possibilities, Chambers said:

“Up and coming, there’s a lot of them and I’m watching them all at the minute – Simon Vallily vs. Craig Glover was just the other day, I rate Vallily a lot but he did not box well, he lost every round and Craig Glover is a powerful guy, he dominated,” said Chambers.

“You’ve got the likes of Jordan Thompson and Jack Massey, local lads and really good fighters, there’s another one from Liverpool called James Farrell.

“There’s quite a lot that I’m looking at on YouTube with similar records and they’re basically potential opponents.

“After a couple more learning fights, the likes of Arfan Iqbal, Isaac Chamberlain, Luke Watkins, Craig Glover, Sam Hyde, I’ve got my eye on them all.”


Chambers remained adamant he is biding his time until it is right.

“Obviously I don’t want to start calling people out until next year, then I’ll start jumping on Twitter.

“This year we’ve got a fight booked in for the 9th November, that’s my first six round fight so realistically we’re wanting to get two six rounders in before the end of the year.

“The show I was meant to be on a couple of weeks ago got cancelled, that set us back a bit but luckily we had this other show with Johnney Roye on 9th November.

“Whether we can squeeze another one in or not we’ll see, I wouldn’t mind it because I don’t want to leave it too long because we’re going to be having a drink over Christmas and eating all the crackling.”

“I’d rather squeeze a fight in the middle of December, I think Matt’s plan is to get this one out of the way and then next year get another six rounder in and start on the eight rounders.”

Looking ahead to spicing up the domestic division, Chambers concluded with his aims for next year.

“For titles, I think I need to get a few more wins in so probably the end of next year we’ll start off with a small area title.

“Get that one out of the way and start looking for local opponents but I’ll leave that in Matt’s hands, I trust him enough and he believes in me, I look forward to it,” he added.

Chandler Waller is a staff writer for World Boxing News. Follow Chandler on Twitter @ChandlerWaller