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Home » Eddie Hearn ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if SHOWTIME left boxing in 2019

Eddie Hearn ‘wouldn’t be surprised’ if SHOWTIME left boxing in 2019

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Promoter Eddie Hearn has responded to Bob Arum’s prediction that Showtime will leave boxing within a year.

Arum’s comments come after HBO revealed plans to no longer broadcast the sport after five decades.

Speaking to Sirius XM Boxing Radio, Hearn said the following:

“Bob [Arum]’s a very bright man. I mean yes I give Bob incredible amounts of respect because I mean at 86 years old I probably wouldn’t be there or wouldn’t be in boxing.

“His drive and his desire is incredible and he knows the game inside out. You know I have to agree with his point on Showtime. I think that the boxing world is gone absolutely crazy.

“The money moving in the circles of boxing is crazy and sometimes you know the value is not there. So I think HBO looks at it and said, ‘this is nuts’. We spend so much money to be competitive. We don’t feel like we gave value as a platform.

“And I really wouldn’t be surprised if Showtime did decide that. Stephen Espinosa loves the sport of boxing but it’s not about Stephen Espinosa.

“You know it’s down to the bosses of the platform. I wouldn’t bet against Showtime looking at the sport in a year’s time and just say this is this is just getting ahead and we can’t be major players. And if we can’t be major players then we’re out. So we’ll see.

“They’re committed to the sport for now. HBO leaving was a big shock. You know it was I think it was sad for boxing. There were many people that were over the moon that HBO was gone, but not me.

“You know I feel like HBO has been a major part of  boxing and a major brand that I really feel that the more competition in boxing the more broadcasters spending money you know the better shape the sport is in.”

Listen to Eddie Hearn on Showtime here:

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