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Home » Kell Brook LAMBASTES Amir Khan for second day weigh-in demand

Kell Brook LAMBASTES Amir Khan for second day weigh-in demand

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Kell Brook gave UK rival Amir Khan both barrels this week for suggesting the only way forward between the pair was a weight clause.

Khan, 31, is hoping to agree a massive grudge match with the former welterweight champion but wants a ten-pound stipulation.

Due to Brook campaigning at both 154 and 160 pounds recently. Coupled with Khan losing out to Canelo Alvarez at a 155 pound catchweight via KO in 2016, the Bolton intends to look after his own interests.

The former super-lightweight king wants to ensure there isn’t a massive disparity between the pair on fight night. Khan doesn’t want a repeat of the shocking events with Canelo.

Therefore, Khan has informed Brook he must agree the terms before a deal can be struck.

“A second-day weigh-in,” said Khan. “Brook fought under IBF ten pound rule for a few fights. I want the brook fight at 147lbs with a 10lb rehydration limit.

“All the top fights do it. Give the fans the fight they want,” he added.

It didn’t take Brook long to respond. The Sheffield fighter said: “A couple of things for you to ‘Khansider’, you chinny clown.

“One, there is no IBF title on the line, and two, Canelo is moving up a weight class.

“The fight fans know the only clause you’re really interested in is the get out clause! #TooShookForBrook.” added The Special One.


Unless common ground can be found, British punters look set to miss out on the opportunity to witness a fight six years in the making.

The pair have been at loggerheads since Khan moved up to 147 in 2014 but were on a collision course way before then.

Promoter Eddie Hearn even signed Khan in a bid to make sure the fight happened, although a deal still seems some way off.

There’s also the small manner of a venue as Khan wants Wembley Stadium for the contest.

Anthony Joshua has the ground booked up for April 13, meaning a delay until at least the late summer.

The O2 Arena or Manchester may be more realistic in the meantime once there’s a handshake on the weight stipulation.

Time is ticking on Brook getting back down to welterweight, having last fought at 147 in May 2017.

The longer the pair haggle, the less likely it is that Brook can even make the original weight for the limit, nevermind the second day scaling twenty four hours later.