The BEST and WORST from the Deontay Wilder v Tyson Fury press tour

📸 Amanda Westcott

Two heavyweight giants embarked on a three-city media tour to officially launch the promotion of the WBC championship contest between Deontay Wilder and the lineal champion Tyson Fury.

The fight will take place on December 1 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Below is a selection of the shots fired between the pair.

Tyson Fury

“I am savouring nothing here. The only thing I am savouring is smashing Deontay Wilder’s teeth in, that’s it. I’ve come here today and all the press has turned up, the world’s press is here – Showtime, BT Sport, UK and American press.

“They are here to see the biggest fight of our generation between two undefeated giants. And boy are you going to get a fight. You are in for a real treat, don’t worry about that.

“Because I am in the mood for no messing and no running around rings and dancing from nobody. There is not a 15st man on the planet that can beat Tyson Fury and I will stand and prove what I will do to this idiot. I will punch his face right in for him, not a problem, seven days a week and twice on a Sunday.

“If we fought 30 times I’d win 30 times. That’s how confident I am of beating Deontay Wilder. No problem. For all your knockout power, ten men in the ring on the night wouldn’t beat Tyson Fury.

“I have looked into a killer’s eyes and I am looking at a pussy cat, not a killer.

“I’m very experienced and I’ve come back against all odds. I’m here today having beaten so many, many problems. How am I going to let this little spaghetti noodle beat me? How am I going to do that?

“They don’t call me the Gypsy King for nothing. I didn’t come to New York and Los Angeles and all these press conferences to be embarrassed by this little skinny runt. I’m going to knock him spark out.

“I don’t want the Deontay Wilder belt. I want the Tyson Fury belt and I want the limited edition WBC belt. There’s only one Tyson Fury!

Deontay Wilder

“It is very important for me to establish dominance. I say so many things in this sport, I say I am the best, I say I hit the hardest and that I am the baddest man on the planet. And I believe every word that I say.

“When I say I’m going to knock a man down it comes to pass. So when it comes to Tyson Fury I am all about devastating knockouts, that’s what I do. There is no pressure on me to do anything because I know what I’m going to do.

“You’ve just got to be there to witness it. He’s got two months to get ready and he has already lost a lot of weight and has to lose a little bit more. He knows he’s gonna get knocked out. He can hoop, he can holla, he can build himself up and build confidence.

“We all know with me it comes with power and with knockouts. And that’s what I do.

“I get you guys motivated and I get you guys inspired to come and see a heavyweight fight. Because what you guys come to see in a heavyweight fight is a knockout. And I deliver that each and every time. Like I’ve said before, when I say I promise you, I promise you I’m going to knock out the Gypsy King, as well. TIMBERRRRRR!”


“There is something undeniably unique about a heavyweight title fight. Not just unique in boxing, but unique across sports. There’s a mystique, a mythical quality.

“Boxing’s heavyweight champions have always been heroic figures; almost super heroes. There’s a feel, a buzz in a heavyweight championship fight that is unique across all sports. And there’s certainly a unique feel to this fight, as well. We have the two tallest men, the biggest men in the heavyweight division – 6-foot-9 and 6-foot-7; two huge figures both literally and figuratively.

“Deontay Wilder: 40 fights, 39 KOs, most in devastating fashion. He’s one of the hardest punchers not just in boxing today, but modern boxing history.

“In Tyson Fury we certainly have a unique skill set. You do not see athletes who are 6-foot-9 who move the way Tyson Fury moves. He has a unique set of skills with athleticism.

“Outside of the NBA there’s not another more athletic 6-foot-9 athlete on the planet. It’s a fascinating clash of personalities and it’s a fascinating clash of styles and we are happy to bring it to you on SHOWTIME Pay-Per-View.”

Fury v Wilder is live and exclusive on BT Sport Box Office, December 1st. For more info go to