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Home » EXCLUSIVE: ‘I thought $50m would guarantee AJ vs Deontay Wilder fight!’

EXCLUSIVE: ‘I thought $50m would guarantee AJ vs Deontay Wilder fight!’

 Deontay Wilder’s trainer and co-manager Jay Deas was sure the WBC champion would be facing Anthony Joshua this year.

Discussing the collapse ahead of an alternatively arranged clash with Tyson Fury on December 1, Deas thought the unification was inevitable when he heard details of their proposal to the Briton.

Plans were set in motion over the summer to offer Joshua the $50 million fees requested in an interview with U.K. media.

Sadly, Joshua and his team rejected the United States Pay-Per-View contract.

“The Joshua fight collapse was frustrating,” Deas exclusively told World Boxing News.

“When we offered fifty million, a sum never before guaranteed a heavyweight fighter in the history of boxing. I was sure it would happen.

“Again, this is after Joshua asked publicly for that amount, saying he would take the fight. He didn’t.

Jsy Deas Deontay Wilder

Amanda Westcott

“After that, I knew it was all going to be posturing and garbage. Hopefully, we can put it together one day, but there is the business of fighting Fury first, the guy who does want the fight.”

Asked what plan of action would have been taken had Tyson Fury not been available, Deas preferred not to speculate.

“I don’t know who Deontay should have fought had Fury not accepted,” said Deas. “I prefer to deal in reality and not hypotheticals.

“I’m thrilled Fury is taking the fight and showing the U.K that they have a guy who truly wants to be the best by facing the best.

“We will see if the Joshua fight happens in the future. I hope so,” he added.


Initial groans have since gotten silenced regarding whether Fury was ready for such a massive fight after two comeback bouts.

Furthermore, Deas isn’t worried. He fully expects Deontay Wilder and Fury to give fans a massive night of entertainment.

“People can say what they want. Fury knows his mind and body better than anyone, so if he says he ready, he’s ready,” he stated.

“Keep in mind though he’s been inactive, Fury has fought twice since we last fought. We have to be ready for the best Tyson Fury.

“He’s proven that he rises with the level of opposition and the occasion. We are excited!

“I never look at or worry about odds or who is the favorite. The oddsmakers aren’t in the gym. All I know is Wilder-Fury is a great fight, must-see T.V.,” Deas concluded.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News.