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Boxer who lost in 18 seconds lists catalogue of injuries

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Jordan Latimer took a risk last Saturday night by stepping in and facing amateur star John Docherty on the latter’s pro debut.

Weighing ten pounds less on the scales after accepting the encounter a short notice, the writing seemed to be on the wall for Latimer.

Such is the 20 year-old’s confidence after winning his first two bouts, Latimer showed true fighting spirit in stepping up to the plate.

Sadly, Latimer ran into a devastating Docherty on the night at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena and was taken out in just 18 hurtful seconds.

With Latimer looking bewildered at what had transpired in the ring immediately after the fight, Docherty was obviously praised in stark contrast.

Outlining his win to WBN on Monday, Docherty said he knew it was over from almost instantly.

“It was an unbelievable experience making my pro debut in Newcastle. An unforgettable reception from the fans. I was buzzing walking through the tunnel to the ring,” Docherty exclusively told World Boxing News.

“I knew it was over when I connected that first punch. The ending just made my night.

“I couldn’t have wished for a better start as a professional. All those months of training came down to 18 seconds, but we don’t get paid for over time.

“I was very happy to get him out of there ASAP! And that it went according to plan. I knew I had to make a statement, and I intend to continue climbing the ranks in the super-middleweight division.”


Taking to his social media account in the aftermath, Latimer explained just how painful those 18 seconds were for him.

“Now that the dust has settled from my fight on Saturday. What an insane experience of ups and downs,” said Latimer.

“You know, four days notice against a guy who was Commonwealth medalist, well taller than me and a lot heavier than me.

“No one wanted to fight him but I did though and the risk didn’t pay off. I didn’t quit I was knocked out on my feet.

“I was asking where I was as I have no recollection of where I was or any memory of fight. And I’ve been in hospital since the fight (written on Sunday). I’ve got a really bad concussion. Still really bad symptoms of now.

“(I’ve) Done my ear drum in. Think he slightly fractured my check bone. (I’ve also got a) damaged nose. My eye sight is still double vision and burred at times – nearly blinded me. And my balance isnt great still.

“CT scan done. I can’t spar for minimum 28 days. So depending on how my recovery goes I’m not sure if I’m gunna be fighting in December gotta be a full 100%.”


He continued: “No last minute fights! I won’t put my family through that again. Nearly 40 pound weight difference in there and I can’t even watch fight back.

“I have no regrets. I lived my dream and I’m happy for that. And greatfull of opportunity. No one can take that away from me.

“So thanks for the people who were there for me after the fight. I know it was a handful of people but it won’t ever be forgotten.

“Team Latimer will be back but this time at super welter nothing heavier than that and a full eight weeks when I’m ready,” concluded the southpaw.