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Trainer faces backlash as injured Martin Bakole is stopped

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Scottish trainer Billy Nelson has been a fierce backlash on social media following a bad loss for heavyweight hope Martin Bakole.

Nelson’s pre-fight hype that Bakole would be one of the best heavyweights around led to a shocking incident in the later rounds against Michael Hunter on Saturday night.

Hunter, a predominant cruiserweight, giving away 43 pounds in weight, broke down Bakole and took away his heart at York Hall.

Words said by Nelson in the build-up then came back to haunt the coach, which manifested in a stark realization with six minutes to go.

Before Bakole’s big TV outing, some of Nelson’s comments including the following:

“Big thank you for all the messages of support for Martin and myself. Even the doubters are allowed their opinion. Just watch Saturday, and you may change your mind.”

“That @MartinBakole17 camp all wrapped up now, tune in Saturday to see this guy. You will be watching a future Heavyweight Champion of the World!”

“One week until the hottest prospect in heavyweight boxing @MartinBakole17 is unleashed against Micheal Hunter.”

“I’m more convinced now than ever that @MartinBakole17 in 2-3 fights could and would win a world title.”

“Back down to sunny Bolton for more top sparring today with @hughiefury. If you want to be the best, you work with them and believe me, @MartinBakole17 will be the best.”

Also, in several pre-fight interviews, Nelson stated Bakole was second only to Anthony Joshua. His former sparring partner would be the only fighter in the world to trouble him.

These comments badly backfired for Nelson, although his actions have now unleashed a barrage of disapproval.

Nelson was captured by cameras urging Bakole not to quit despite the Nigerian-born boxer stating he was injured and pleading for help after eight rounds.

Bakole was sent out by Nelson and subsequently stopped by Hunter in the final session.

Some fans who witnessed Nelson’s actions let their feeling be known.

“Just saw the replay of the Bakole fight. What the f*** was Billy Nelson thinking? If a fighter can’t carry on, they can’t carry on. You don’t let them struggle on and lose like that. Disgraceful.”

“Think Bakole will leave him after that. Geezer was thrown in and begging to be taken out, but Nelson’s ego got better of him.”

“Rewatched Bakole v Hunter and Nelson are even more of a disgrace than I thought last night. Bakole took an absolute beating that he didn’t want or need to take. Where was Nelson’s duty of care to his fighter?”

Martin Bakole Michael Hunter

Great win for Hunter. What were your thoughts on Nelson in the corner for Bakole? I don’t understand why he sent him out after 8. Bakole didn’t want to continue.”

“All because he knows he looks like the biggest helmet ever after his Twitter antics, and the paydays have just disappeared before his eyes. Bakole was never winning last night, poetic justice after everything Nelson has said.”

“The BBBofC need to be investigating this. It was all about him, not his boxer.”

“I like Billy Nelson, but last night he could have got Bakole hurt. I should have pulled him out when he didn’t want to fight on. Very dangerous letting that carries on.”

“Never got to watch big Bakole fight but hearing that Billy Nelson sent him back out to fight when he clearly didn’t wanna be there due to his shoulder injury. Trying to save face for all the hype he’s created for the boy.”

“Bakole was even saying help me, awful from Nelson. If he ain’t stripped of his license within a week, I’ll be shocked.”

“What was Billy Nelson thinking? It didn’t take me long to figure out Bakole wasn’t very good, yet Nelson was telling us he would win a world title.”

“Billy Nelson pleading with Bakole not to quit. One step away from shoving the gumshield in his mouth and calling him a c***sucker like Al Certo did to Golota in the Tyson fight.”

“Should Billy Nelson face some sanction for basically forcing Bakole to carry on when he said he was injured and didn’t want to continue? – Surely, the first job of any trainer is to protect their fighter?”

“Bakole: “my shoulder is gone, I can’t continue Billy!” – Nelson: “I’ve got a f***ing Twitter account riding on this, get out there and win these two rounds, FFS Martin, I’m begging ya Martin!”

The future of Bakole and Nelson as a pair has not yet been made clear.


In further action, Lee McGregor claimed the vacant Commonwealth bantamweight title with a final-round stoppage of Thomas Essomba, whilst Chantelle Cameron won her Women’s IBO lightweight title clash with Dahiana Santana unanimous decision.

Also on the bill, cruiserweight Chris Billam Smith retired Robin Dupre after five completed rounds.