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Home » ‘Have I ever lost?’ – Kell Brook LAMPOONED for BAFFLING TV statement

‘Have I ever lost?’ – Kell Brook LAMPOONED for BAFFLING TV statement

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Kell Brook raised more than few eyebrows on Saturday night when the former world champion appeared on Sky Sports.

Sitting ringside to take in the action at Newcastle’s Metro Radio Arena for Lewis Ritson v Francesco Patera, Brook spoke about his imminent return.

After giving Amir Khan a dressing down, Brook turned his attention to what other options may be on the table.

Brook’s finishing statement was a little baffling, to say the least, and garnered some questions via social media.

“They are all out there. There’s Keith Thurman at 147, Manny Pacquiao too,” Brook told Sky Sports.

“There’s Porter again if he wants the rematch. There are so many big fights out there. there’s 154.

“I’ve not even lost. I’ve lost with two broken eye sockets, so really, I haven’t really lost. Have I really lost?

“Everybody knows when I get in there I’m coming to bring it.

“You’ve got to be one hell of a man to beat me in there,” he added.


The responses came thick and fast.

“Eddie Hearn, Kell Brook saying he hasn’t ever really lost have a f***ing word, FFS.”

“Brook ‘have I ever really been beaten? I broke two of my eye sockets’. You quit. That generally means you lost – mate.”

“Kell Brook: “I haven’t really lost, I lost with two broken eye sockets – so have I really lost?” – – no contradictions there then ???????? But for the record, you lost. Twice!”

“Imagine Kell Brook saying he’s never really lost ????”

“Has Kell Brook really lost…. yes mate – Twice!”

“Always been a fan of Kell Brook, but to ask, ” have I really lost ?” because he had to retire, due to having his eye sockets broken, should require a concussion test! Maybe he’s been sparring with Sergio Ramos?”

“I love Kell Brook but that interview was bizarre. “I’ve lost twice, but it was 2 broken eye sockets, so have I really lost?” Yes Kell, your opponents broke your eye sockets with punches which inevitably led to those losses.”

“Kell Brook: “I lost with 2 broken eye sockets so have I really lost?” Errr yes, Kell, you got punched very hard in the face multiple times. This caused your corner to throw the towel in one fight & you bent the knee in the other. Have you lost? Yes, yes you have.”

Those defeats, at the hands of Gennady Golovkin and Errol Spence, have since been followed up by a crushing victory over Sergey Rabchenko at super-welterweight.

Brook is firmly back in the mix in both the 147 and 154lb divisions and hopes for a warm-up in December before a massive clash in 2019.