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Home » Rivals Saunders, Eubank Jr. in SICKENING EXCHANGE of abuse

Rivals Saunders, Eubank Jr. in SICKENING EXCHANGE of abuse

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Billy Joe Saunders has responded after ex-opponent Chris Eubank Jr. took a major swipe at a recent fight collapse.

Eubank took to social media to gloat about the fact Saunders lost his world middleweight title due to a failed drugs test.

Saunders voluntarily gave up his WBO middleweight strap after Massachusetts authorities refused to license him for a mandatory defense.

The former IBO champion had said: “So, Billy Joe Saunders, how long you been taking illegal substances for, son?

“It’s funny how you were giving it to Canelo while you were cheating with drugs yourself.

“Enjoy your time out and don’t worry, the belt you’ve been stripped of will be in more deserving hands soon enough #Justice.”

In a shocking retort, Saunders gave Eubank both barrels for his comments on the matter.

“You will never win a world title belt. You’re British level – tops,” said Saunders.

“(He) steps up (and) gets banged every time. You bum, go play with your dad’s k***,” he added.

In an eye-brow raising response, Eubank maybe could have chosen his first sentence more carefully.

“I already have! (meaning win a world title). I did it without using drugs and you’ve been ducking a rematch with me for years as you know what will happen to you.

“(You got a) 100k fine for taking advantage of vulnerable people and now stripped of your title for cheating. Karma is a b**** – ey?”


Eubank, the son of British great Chris Sr, was linked to a December clash with James DeGale earlier this month.

With Saunders set for a six-month suspension, a further delay awaits those hopeful on a second encounter with Eubank.

Holding a close victory from November 2014, a return between the pair has the potential to be massive.

A win over DeGale would be needed first for Eubank, whilst Saunders has a court case to deal with in an attempt to clear his name.