Conte says Warren / Saunders have ZERO CHANCE of legal challenge, explains why

Demetrius Andrade Billy Joe Saunders


Victor Conte believes Billy Joe Saunders and promoter Frank Warren have no hope of winning a legal case.

Warren recently confirmed they intend to take court action for a cancelled fight with SNAC fighter Demetrius Andrade.

Saunders tested positive for banned substance with VADA, although was believed to be under the jurisdiction of WADA and UKAD.

A challenge is now planned by Warren, which Conte says will make no difference to the outcome.

Speaking to Randy Gordon on Sirius XM Boxing Radio, Conte explained why.

Randy: BJ Saunders and his promoter Frank Warren say they intend to take this to court. They want the whole thing overturned. What do you think? Do they stand with any kind of shot?

Conte: Zero. Zero. Okay, so it’s all posturing.

“And here’s the reason. As an example, let’s reverse the situation. Demetrius is not regulated by WADA he’s not regulated by UKAD. Therefore, they have nothing to do with this fight because they have nothing to do with him.

“So who cares about what’s going on with B.J. Saunders? It’s a level playing field in each fighter that’s involved in this event are going to be subjected to the same rules.

“So I can tell you that what it said in the bout sheet was that if requested by Mantra that there may be additional testing by RADA. They made the formal request. Both sides agreed. He came over here to the United States for their press conference in Boston. He signed the form and read the prohibited substances list. I would assume, he’s a dummy if he didn’t.

“Then they agreed to these terms and conditions. Just like if you have a boxing match and there are different types of gloves. Or if it’s not a championship bout could be different weight flexibility slightly above or other terms and conditions, well those are in the contract.


“So you sign a contract and these are the terms and conditions and we’re going to conduct this fine under these terms and conditions. That’s exactly what happened. So I don’t know why you know they now try to come back and make all these other claims about Ozen nasals spray and so on.

“Now let me say this about that specifically. Whatever it is that he was doing immediately he was the first person that was informed about this would be Saunders and his promoter.

“From my perspective, the way to mitigate this or to have any argument whatsoever step up and say where you got this. Give us a picture of the prescription from the doctor. Give us the spray and some information.

“Present your argument whatever that may be so that they can factor in that information when the commission makes their decision. My understanding is they presented nothing.”

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