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WBC President pushing to keep boxing clean and safe

The World Boxing Council’s Clean Boxing Program is vital for the present and future health and well being of the sport.

At the WBC Convention in Kiev, Dr Luis Escalona the head of its cutting Committee said the testing of 175 boxers this year, so far adds up to 75,000 dollars. Each test costs between thirteen hundred and eighteen hundred dollars.

Dr Escalona said: “We need to continue pushing for clean boxing. So we need your support. It is very important to make sure boxers fill in forms, with as much information as possible. Look at our website for protocol, obligations, rules and regulations.”

Once a boxer enters the rating, they have 90 days to comply with the rules by filling in forms. Part of that is providing details of home, gym and work details, enabling random testing to be done year round. WBC officials point out that young prospects can join up and every assistance will be provided.

WBC President Mauricio Sulaiman pointed out: “Most doping comes from a lack of knowledge of the trainer and fighter. Athletes take a supplement and a shake and feel good often not knowing what it contains.

“The program is costing a lot of money, but it’s worth it. If there is a missed test there is a cost. An accumulation can lead to penalties.

“Doping is a crime. It’s in your best interests to make sure your fighter is clean.”