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Home » Paulie Malignaggi goes in on ‘sissy’ Conor McGregor after tap-out loss

Paulie Malignaggi goes in on ‘sissy’ Conor McGregor after tap-out loss

Paulie Malignaggi was waded in on the Conor McGregor tap-out return to UFC following a hellacious night in Las Vegas.

Khabib made McGregor submit before all hell broke loose at the T-Mobile Arena.

Making an appearance on Sirius XM Boxing Radio, McGregor’s former sparring partner made his feelings known.

“We all win, and we all lose but go out like a man.  Not like a sissy.  I cringed for him when I saw that footage [of Conor telling Khabib it was all business in the Octagon].  You actually really prove me right every time.  He never [goes out with dignity].”

“He was trying to quit in round 2 … Khabib was keeping him facing forward, so he couldn’t quit.  He wanted out of the fight from round 2.  When he finally turned his back in round 4, it was because Khabib was tired of keeping him right-side up.  He couldn’t wait to get out of that fight.  The only credit you get is for getting in there.”


On Khabib’s post-fight antics and whether a ban is necessary, Malignaggi added: “Basically a slap on the wrist … you think Khabib didn’t save all this up?”

[responding to being asked if he’d vote for a suspension]: “No, I don’t vote for a suspension, and I keep in mind everything Conor did leading up to the fight, especially if I’m a grown man and I think what if another grown man did that to me.  It’s a disrespect that grown men don’t take.  Grown men are gonna handle things in a certain manner.”Listen as Paul Malignaggi says he cringed while watching Conor McGregor’s performance at UFC 229: 

Listen as Paul Malignaggi explains why Khabib Nurmagomedov’s discipline for his actions at UFC 229 should be minimal:

Malignaggi had previously accused McGregor of ‘having no balls’ as the high-profile beef continues between the pair.

McGregor is yet to respond.