Tyson Fury vs Deontay Wilder: Will bettors rely on odds or emotions?

Ringside 08/10/2018

📸 Amanda Westcott

Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder are set to go head to head On December 1st, but will fans bet with their hearts or their heads?

Following the furious final press conference in LA on the 4th October, the hysteria surrounding the upcoming Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder fight has boxing fans wishing away the next two months. The odds are already being released and Fury and Wilder are hyping up the crowds in plenty of time for the big day.

The media coverage alone has sent fans into frenzy, with every leading paper covering the recent press conferences in great detail. The most recent, and ultimately final press conference, saw Fury and Wilder go head to head to exchange blows in what appeared to be quite the heated debate and has since caused the hype to heat up.

However, with hype comes high emotion and with high emotion comes dedicated fans to express it. With bets already flowing, the question floating around the sports betting world is whether it’ll be emotions or odds that will ultimately influence where fan’s money is put.

In terms of odds, Deontay Wilder is sitting as the bookie’s favourite, and rightly so. With the World Champion title securely under his belt, he remains undefeated to this day and fans could be in luck if he holds on and wins out against Fury. Placing bets based on bookmakers’ tips is arguably the smart choice and with most odds already suggesting Wilder will retain his position as World Champion, we could see the money flooding to the American.


On the other hand, Fury has proven time and time again to his fan base that he is a force to be reckoned with. However, despite being former World Champion, Fury has been absent from the sport for two long years and could need a lot of training to get back up to scratch. While this isn’t unheard of, his lack of elite boxing matches since 2015 had left the bookmakers sceptical as to whether he could really stand a fighting chance.

But hope is not lost for Fury – while he hasn’t fought an elite match in around three years, he has proven he still has skill when he dominated against the likes of Francisco Pianeta earlier this year. He might’ve been out of the game for some time now, but he’s working his way back, and fast.

The Fury-Wilder fight has dominated headlines since the announcement, gaining a substantial level of hype over the Anthony Joshua vs. Alexander Povetkin fight that took place on September 22nd. The match-up between the fast-footed Povetkin and fan favourite Anthony Joshua looks undeniably weak when compared to the magnitude of Fury vs. Wilder and the bettors are reacting in kind.

Odds for Povetkin reached 11/2 while Joshua got a 1/9 odds roundup, with 25/1 being suggested for a draw. This sits against the current odds for Wilder vs. Fury, with Wilder currently 4/6 to win against Fury at 6/5. The fight is looking to be a much closer call than their colleagues and is sure to keep boxing fans at the edge of their seats.

There’s less than two months until the fight on December 1st at the Staples Centre in Los Angeles and while it feels like it’s just around the corner, the next weeks are crucial for bettors and bookmakers alike. We could see odds fluctuating considerably and with recent speculation that the fight at the LA press conference was ‘phoney’, there might be a chance that the hype could die down.