Top boxing games to play on mobile

Ringside 08/10/2018

The sports genre has always been a mainstay of gaming, from the earliest days of the first personal computers (Football Manager, anyone?) to the very latest ea.com game such as FIFA, that looks for all the world like TV coverage of real games.

There have been plenty of boxing and martial arts games out there over the years, too. Kids of the 80s will remember Yie Ar Kung Fu as the game that broke their joystick as they went for one too many drop kicks, and the latest PS4 boxing game, Round 4 Round is expected to bring unparalleled realism when it is finally released.

Mobile gaming for boxing fans

That’s fine for those die-hard gamers who want to sit in front of a PC or console, but this is the mobile age. If we want to bet on a fight, we visit an online bookmaker, if we want to hit the slots, we go to a casino site and if we want to idle away some time with a game, the smartphone is the most convenient place to do it. Mobile gaming has come on in leaps and bounds as the smartphones have become smarter. So what does the sector offer for boxing enthusiasts?

Slots games

Boxing fans have plenty to choose from in the world of slots, and there are more games being added every week. Mike Tyson, a name forever associated with the casino capital of Las Vegas, put his name to what is probably the best known game if its genre, Mike Tyson Knockout Slot. The Rocky series is another that has successfully transitioned from the arcades to the smartphone, while for something a little different, try Netent’s Fisticuffs.

Sites like www.uk-online-slots.co.uk will give you access to numerous slot games you can choose from. You can find there a massive selection of top slot games – video slots, classic slots, progressive slots and new that were just released.  

Fight Night Champion

There are newer games, and OK, there are probably better games, but Fight Night Champion has to get the first mention as this is the title that revolutionised boxing games. It’s been around since 2011, so has every right to look a little long in the tooth, but despite that, it remains as compelling as it always was. The story mode is engaging and plays out more like a movie than a game. For those who prefer quick gratification, there are simpler modes, including bare knuckle, where the blood can really fly. Even if you are a newcomer to gaming, download this one before anything else, you won’t regret it.

Real Boxing

The Real sports games are appropriately named, and their titles in the motor racing and cricket sectors have a huge following. Real Boxing has the same pedigree, and if anything can be seen as a natural successor to Fight Night Champion, this is it. The social gaming aspect is a nice touch, meaning you can take on fighters from all around the world without having to leave your chair. The gameplay and physics are spot on, and getting the right strategy in terms of timing and technique while maintaining your energy is challenging, but not frustratingly so.

World Boxing Manager

Not the World Boxing Manager, surely? Actually, it is. Retro gaming is becoming increasingly popular, and this classic boxing manager simulator was originally released on the Atari way back in 1990. It has been brought back from the dead, and is now available on steam via your smartphone or desktop. Of course the graphics are clunky, that’s all part of the fun. The strategy will really draw you in, so you have been warned – this is probably the most addictive mobile boxing game of them all.

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