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Home » Ohara Davies: I was robbed, jabbed Jack Catterall’s head off

Ohara Davies: I was robbed, jabbed Jack Catterall’s head off

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Ohara Davies has blasted the three officials who carded in favor of Jack Catterall on Saturday night as the Londoner lost for the second time in his career.

The experienced Phil Edwards and Manuel Oliver Palomo scored 115-113 for Catterall. But it was Fernando Laguna’s 118-110 tally, which had people talking.

It did seem a tad wider than expected, although many didn’t argue about the winner of the bout.

Catterall seemed to take the majority of the closer rounds, which maybe could have been argued the other way in some instances.

Catterall vs Davies scorecard

WBN had it 118-112 with two out-of-the-ordinary even rounds, which we tend to avoid.

But so was the nature of the fight. It was hard to separate the pair at times. In the first round, nothing happened, hence a 10-10 there, with the fourth also lacking action.

The final round could also have been for Davies, depending on what you like. But on the whole, Catterall was the winner for us.


After reflecting on his reverse, Davies has since launched a campaign on social media to put his case across.

“Shout out to the three judges on my last fight. It must be these guys (pictured in the post) because I jabbed the guy’s head off all night. For them to give it to him at 118-110, madness!

“If I ever lost a fight fairly, I’m the first to come out and say. But we all saw the fight and know I made a supposedly world-class opponent look amateurish.4

“The system was never designed for people like us to succeed, and (Saturday) night is a prime example of that.

“Robbed by judges who made their judgement on the fight based on who acts better outside of the ring, rather than who fought a better fight on the night,” said Davies.

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