WATCH: Klitschko, Sulaiman jam at Talent Show as WBC Convention closes

The Mayor of Kiev, Ukraine, and former WBC World Champion, Vitali Klitschko, along with the attendants of the 56th World Boxing Council Convention, participated in the Talent Show.

“I am happy that the WBC Convention finally takes place in Kiev. And today we have an interesting evening. I will show you boxers can do more than fight, we have many other hobbies and talents. Therefore, we will pleasantly offer you a big surprise,” Klitschko excitedly said.

Klitschko and Mauricio Sulaiman then displayed their talents.


In his WBC summary, Boxing Bob Newman outlined some of the main points from Kiev as the Convention closed.

Mauricio Sulaiman reviewed the WBC’s stance on several of its pilot programs. They included noise-reducing headphones for judges. The use of instant replay, open scoring after the 4th and 8th rounds. Boxing MVP Don Majeski chimed in with support, especially for the instant replay.

One recent case was shown on video. It saw cut fighter, Pablo Cesar Cano lost via TKO because the ref thought the horrible cut was caused by a punch.

The decision was eventually reversed after video replay showed clearly that the cut was caused by an accidental clash of heads. The decision then went to the scorecards and Cano was, in fact, leading at the time of the stoppage. He was fairly awarded a technical decision.

Hubert Minn, Frank Garza and Ed Collantes combined to comment on the ring officials seminars. The discussion focused on fundamentals and a special focus on “rabbit punching.”


The WBC Boxing University is being established in association with University LiberQuaré in Spain. The online courses focus on Judges, Referees, Trainers, Supervisors and Nutrition. More information can be gathered at


Finally, the World Boxing Council has reviewed its Code of Ethics. The code will be distributed to all promoters, managers, trainers and fighters.

At the WBC’s Convention in Kiev, its President Mauricio Sulaiman said what is happening at some press conferences. This is an endangering regression, risking the cancellation of fights, due to the possibility of injury.

He mentioned that the Canelo/GGG weigh in, was very close to being a riot. Even more recently, there was a conflict at a Wilder/Fury presser.

Some years ago, Don Jose Sulaiman suffered serious injuries at the Lennox Lewis Vs Mike Tyson weigh in, the effects of which affected him for the rest of his life.

Mauricio says about the WBC Code of Ethics: “This is something that we need to develop and implement.”