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Home » Sergio Martinez to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr: I’ve agreed 168, the date…sign!

Sergio Martinez to Julio Cesar Chavez Jr: I’ve agreed 168, the date…sign!

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Ex-middleweight king Sergio Martinez has urged Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. to sign a contract to meet him in a rematch.

The Argentinian is ready to return despite retiring in 2014 through injury, having agreed on a date and weight for a second Chavez meeting.

Martinez defeated Chavez on points back in 2012 despite a late knockout scare in the final round.

At 43, ‘Maravilla’ is unfazed by his extended time out of action and says he can defeat Chavez if they meet on November 17 at 168 pounds.

“What do your cojones say? (Do you) Want it Julio? I’m going to hit you twice as much as 2012. I promise you,” said Martinez.

“Don’t forget your tweets. I’ll refresh your memory, Julio. If anything, what I admire about Mexicans is that they never (go back on their word).

“If you dont’ want the fight, say it now! I want to give you another beating on November 17th.

“Stop delaying, accept and sign the contract because you challenged me. Do you remember?

“I’m ready to fight you. I agreed to go up to 168 pounds, the date of November 17. I accepted everything and I am ready to give you another beating.

“Maybe I’m crippled but my fists are not. Are you waiting to sign or will you run?”


Chavez then replied to Martinez by saying: “I’m more than ready Sergio! I’m going to take great pleasure to beat you as I missed out on a rematch before. That was worse because you retired!

“You were never the same, but are you ready now?”

Concluding their back and forth exchange, Martinez said: “Then talk to your team because someone lies and asks for new things every day.

“I accepted the date, I accepted 168. I did the hard work and you just have to do the easy thing, which is to keep your word.”

In a previous exclusive interview with WBN, Martinez explained his comeback desire and alleyed fears about his health.

“I am recording a documentary about my life and the director want to do sparring sessions.

“I wanted to be sure that everything is OK, and to be honest, I feel in a very good shape and have recovered of my injuries,” he said.

Phil Jay is Editor of World Boxing News. Follow on Twitter @PhilDJay