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Home » Amir Khan releases statement on ‘Prisoner FaceTime’ reports

Amir Khan releases statement on ‘Prisoner FaceTime’ reports

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Amir Khan explained his actions after being accused of sending a message of encouragement to a criminal in prison.

Phil Merry, 31, is serving time for the manslaughter of Steve McKinnon. Khan was captured chatting to the convict on a smuggled phone.

UK reports sent the story viral and Khan has released a statement on the matter denying being aware of Merry’s status.

“As some of you may be aware, several newspapers have published an article with regards to me FaceTiming a convicted criminal who is serving a custodial sentence for manslaughter. I can confirm that I do not know Phil Merry, nor do I know of him,” said Khan.

“I have never FaceTimed him or any other prisoner. It’s behaviour that I do not condone personally.


“However, I am approached on a daily basis by fans. They want an autograph, picture or to speak to a member of their family or friend via their mobile phones.

“Being the type of person that I am, I am obliged to do so in order to try and keep my fans happy.

“Although I speak to many different people I’m not always made aware of their circumstances. Contrary to what they may say, this was one of those times. And as such, my kindness has been taken advantage of.

“I most certainly would not send out messages of encouragement. Or morale-boosting messages to anyone who had done such a thing.

“I can only apologise to the family of Steve McKinnon and hope that they understand.

“Also, I appreciate the anger and upset this will have caused the family. I would like them to know that my thoughts are with Clare McKinnon and the rest of the McKinnon family,” he added.

Khan is currently awaiting his next fight date after being linked to a clash with Manny Pacquiao or UK rival Kell Brook