Saunders HITS BACK at Conte’s PROBE CALL amidst Canelo claim

Victor Conte has raised questions of Billy Joe Saunders drug test failure leading to a response from the fighter himself.

Conte released a video for Ring Magazine regarding the recent adverse finding of oxilofrine in a sample given by Saunders.

The SNAC President said the substance present in the Briton’s system is ‘ten times more powerful than Clenbuterol’.

Clenbuterol saw Canelo Alvarez given a sixth-month ban and Conte wants Saunders probed.

Frank Warren issued a statement on the matter and says the only thing involved was a nasal spray.

Saunders’ promoter also stated the WBO middleweight champion had done nothing wrong. Also adding that he would be free to fight Demetrius Andrade on October 20.

“In response to reports of an adverse analytical finding in a test carried out by the VADA on Billy Joe Saunders. We can confirm that the product concerned is permitted to be used ‘Out of Competition’ by United Kingdom Anti-Doping,” said Warren.

“This is in line with the regulations of the World Anti-Doping Agency. For the avoidance of doubt, the product in question was a common decongestant nasal spray.

“The British Boxing Board of Control under whose jurisdiction Saunders is licensed are affiliated only to UKAD/WADA.

“The BBBofC have confirmed that Mr. Saunders is not in breach of BBBofC or UKAD anti-doping regulations.

“He is therefore in good standing and is licensed to box and defend his World Title on October 20th.

“Mr. Saunders has been tested a number of times in 2018, all negative, his last out of competition test by UKAD was on 24th September 2018.”

Conte has also taken to social media asking for several questions to be asked of Saunders.

“Boxing deserves to know the brand of the ‘nasal spray’ product that contains oxilofrine as claimed by BJ Saunders,” said Conte.

“Does this drug containing product require a doctor’s prescription? Saunders needs to provide some answers. Boxing fans want to know.

“It’s that simple. BJ Saunders signs an agreement to be tested for a list prohibited substances.

“He then tests positive for oxilofrine and now claims UK Anti-Doping has a mack truck loophole in their testing program so it should NOT count?

“WADA and UK Anti-Doping need a wake-up call.

“BJ Saunders signed a VADA enrollment agreement that says ‘substances are prohibited at all times.’

“Is it possible Saunders will next claim that he cannot read?

“UK Anti-Doping is not testing Andrade for this fight. Period. How simple can this case be?

“All supplements and medications were to be listed by BJ Saunders on the VADA enrollment agreement.

“I would bet that Oxilofrine is not listed on his declaration forms. If he has a prescription, then where is it and who is the doctor?

“More test results to come.

“Boxing people should note that BJ Saunders signed an agreement that included the VADA prohibited substances list with oxilofrine on it.

“Likely no declaration was made for this drug by Saunders. Seems to be no evidence of appropriate medical indication,” he added.


Obviously unhappy given a previous conviction for steroid distribution, Saunders gave Conte both barrels.

“You’re the one that put lives in danger (and got) six months in prison for supplying drugs to athletes!

“(I’m) clean to the bone, fighting fit and ready for destruction.

“Thank you to my fans who stick by me. I’m a clean athlete and going to be around for a long time,” said Saunders.

A final decision is yet to be made by Massachusetts authorities with less than three weeks left until the Boston fight.