Hottest Wives of Boxers

Ringside 28/09/2018

Hottest wives of boxers

10. Natalia Klitschko

Here is a standard of great love and strong marital relations. Natalia and Vitaly have been married for 15 years and brought up three children. She is surely one of the hottest Ukrainian girls, by the way, be sure to check out this site about hot Ukrainian celebrities. According to the German magazine Gala, the Klitschko couple was recognized as a couple of 2011 in Germany.

9. Denis Tarver

Truly, Antonio Tarver is “The Wizard”. We do not know which spell he used to conquer this black beauty, but we can say with confidence that it was strong.

8. Leila Leidaker

At one time the blond Hungarian fashion model was carried away traditionally by men’s sport – boxing. It was in the boxing hall of the Gleason’s Gym in Brooklyn that she met her future husband, Yuri Forman. At the moment, Leila tied up with boxing, but sometimes, she trains in the hall with her husband. Lucky Forman, because there is nothing better than to feel the support of a loved one during heavy and exhausting training.

7. Violet Chang

Beauty Violet once took the second place in the contest Miss Jamaica. With Lennox, she met in 2001, during the rest of the boxer in Jamaica. “Leo” made an offer to his girlfriend in 2004, when Violet was already carrying their son under the heart. Now the couple have three children.

Do not be surprised at this choice – we know that Lennox is already tied up with boxing. But we did not have the right to leave such a girl without attention.

P.S. And maybe between Vitali Klitschko and Lennox Lewis, the desperate struggle outside the ring for the production of little men continues? So far, the score is 3-3.

6. Irene Arreola

The gorgeous beauty Irene brings up with Chris the 9-year-old daughter of Danae. Don’t forget to check out https://www.skysports.com/boxing for all of your boxing news! This couple has a pretty strong relationship, which was a serious test: remember the incredible kiss of Christobal with his recent rival Joey Abell, that’s really an example when the nickname of a boxer is a direct hit in the top ten.

5. Rachel Donaire

Who would have thought that such a sweet creature is the champion of her Taekwondo college? It is better for the champion of WBO and WBC bantamweight Nonito Donaire to not play on the nerves of his wife, and do not come home drunk, because it may get hard. By the way, we note that Rachel got into the 100 most sexy girls according to the FHM magazine.

4. Bella Gonzalez

21-year-old model of Cuban origin Bella Gonzalez won the heart of the king of the boxing ring Shane Mosley. We do not know how about the ring, but in terms of relations with the girls, Shane still got it for sure.

3. Marisol Gonzalez

In a kind way to envy Saul Alvarez is possible not only because he became a world champion in his 20 years, not defeating any serious rival, but also because of the unprecedented success in his personal life. The 28-year-old Mexican model, who won the Miss Mexico Universe contest in 2003, accepted the Canelo proposal. In addition to the career of the model, Marisol is associated with sports – she works as a sports columnist on the Televisa Deportes channel.

2. Shantel Jackson

Behind the outer beauty and sexuality of this girl lies incredible courage. Still, not every girl would have ventured to an engagement with Floyd Mayweather, who had trouble with the law because of alleged beatings of his ex-girlfriend Josie Harris. Whatever one may say, the nickname “Pretty boy” displays not only Floyd’s successes in the ring, but also in his personal life.

1. Rachel Cordingley

A native of Liverpool, Rachel, quickly realized that with her natural data, it was better to conquer the world in the modeling business. First, she won the contest Miss Maxim UK, and then achieved success already at the world level. Who is this lucky man who managed to drag this beauty to the crown? In addition to the world title WBC super-middleweight champion Briton Carl Froch is the owner of the most beautiful and sexy girl of our rating.

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