Kai Robin Havnaa ruled out until 2019 with hand injury

RINGSIDE 25/09/2018

Norwegian cruiserweight Kai Robin Havnaa (13-0, 11 KOs) has suffered a hand injury that is expected to keep him out of action until the New Year.

The 29 year-old underwent surgery yesterday to repair a metacarpal fracture at the base of his right thumb following a sparring accident at his gym on Sunday.

“I was doing some light sparring at my gym when suddenly I felt something wrong in my thumb,” explains Havnaa. “I went to my Chiropractor and he sent me directly to hospital and they booked me in for surgery the next day.

“I have to thank my Chiropractor for agreeing to see me on a Sunday and Arendal Hospital for providing me with the best service I could ask for.

“The doctors were pleased with the result of the surgery and the prediction is that my thumb will be fully recovered. The rest of the work is up to me.”

Havnaa’s first injury setback comes as plans were underway for him to headline his hometown arena in November. Despite this disappointment, the undefeated fighter has vowed to come back stronger.

“Of course, I’m very disappointed. I was ready for a tough fight and looking forward to improving my career with another big challenge. I will come back stronger, and with the advice of my doctors, I will do whatever it takes to heal as fast as I can.

“I will be able to start running after a week or two and then gradually increase my fitness training. It’s still too early to say when I’ll be able to resume boxing training but I hope to be able to fight again in January or February.”

“This injury is extremely unfortunate for Kai,” said promoter Nisse Sauerland. “However, it is just a minor setback in what I’m sure will be a long and successful career. We have big plans for Kai and these will resume once his hand has fully recovered”